Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanks Mountain

It was the year 1925 when three men living in Mexico set off into the mountains of Sierra Madre to search for gold in the movie The Treasure of Sierra Madre. New friends Dobbsy and Bob met their newest friend Howard whom they thought was just a crazy old man speaking of gold and how it can ruin a man’s soul. Shortly after, they began their journey in search of gold within the high mountains, far away from civilization. Throughout the journey they encounter many greed filled obstacles within their group and all around them. In the end, all the gold is gone and the old man along with Bob share a long laugh at the madness they went through.

I thought this was an awesome movie. It was just down to earth and showed what greed can do to people. It quickly drove Dobbsy to madness and paranoia while Bob and Howard kept their sanity along with their good soul. Dobbsy said in the very beginning that he wouldn’t take any more money than he said he would and that he would stick to what he wanted in the first place, but once he gets his hands on some gold he wants more and more. I loved Bob and Howard because they were the honest and wise ones. Bob was true at heart and showed it throughout the movie, like when he gives Dobbsy the gold to pay for the equipment he got for the journey. Howard is the wise mentor of the group and has a smart way of handling any situation thrown at them. I also love how the movie ends with them laughing at how the gold is gone and basically saying oh well. Even though the gold is gone and blown away they go on their separate ways to live life.


  1. Exactly the same way I feel about the movie. You may think you know who you are, but when a certain element is added you can change in an instant and not even know it, just like Dobbs. He didn't even realize that he had a problem.

  2. Si money is the root of all evil! haha

  3. I don't know why but you always come up with tittles that I never think of =D Thanks Mountain --> NICE!