Sunday, October 3, 2010

The value of Failure

The Bicycle Thief was a movie I would not suggest the average American viewer to watch. It is an Italian made movie which means all the dialogue is in italian. It is also in black and white which I am not a particular fan of. Putting those two facts about the movie aside why would any movie with such a depressing ending be a hit to the American viewers.
The movie was about a man in the poor working class finally getting a job and needing a bike to do the job. His wife and him sold all that was valuable to them to afford a bike. On the first day of work for the man his bike was stolen and he tried the whole movie to get it back. He seeked the help of a three men who knew where to find stolen bikes, and the help of his son. His son was the only reason why the movie was bearable. His son provided comic relief with his young body but old soul. What i mean by that is the child appeared very young but his vocabulary and mannerisms where that of a man who was the same age as his father. The father somehow sought out the man who stole the bike and his accomplice. After a countless number of failed attempts to attain the thief's address from the accomplice the father bumped into the thief and chased him home. After a dramatic faint from the thief, a mob full of alleged mobsters, a frantic mother, and a policeman the father and his son left empty handed. In a final desperate act of stupidity the father decided to send his son off on a bus ride and steal a bike. The son missed his bus and saw his father being chased by a mob of civilians, eventually being caught and slapped silly. The father was released by the mob due to his son and sent on his way home, empty handed.
The movies ending would not appeal to American viewers due to the fact that their is no happy ending or good moral to be learned. The father looks like a failure in his son's eyes. It leaves the viewers, mainly me, sad and broken hearted. Sad for a son who has a father who just cant catch a break and broken hearted because you just wasted and hour and a half of your life and also a netflix rental.

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  1. Wow I feel like I always disagree with you about movies but this time I totally agree. This movie was so depressing. Americans are use to happy endings and morals to the story. This was just a sad, sad movie. Also I love that you were broken hearted, not because of the movie but because of your wasted time.