Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"We don't need no Stinkin Badges!"

In the movie, Sierra Madre there are three main characters who play their roles as gold diggers. The movie takes place in the Sierra Mountains along with a group of Federales who are known to be cops in this case, also drifters who are known to be the bandits throughout the movie. As days past for two men named Fred C. Dobbs and Curtin they find themselves jobs. At the end of this job, their boss does not pay part of their share, so they begin a conflict. During this conflict, they over hear an elder talking about "gold", this was a man by the name of Howard. Howard seemed like a wise man to talk about where to find gold and to be able to work hard for your earnings. As a couple days past Fred and Curtin begin to discuss how they want to live a better life an for them to go along with Howards plan, in search for gold. As soon as they all gathered their money and the needs they needed, they were off to the mountains. When arriving there they start immediately, and soon enough they were weighing out oz. of their profit. Soon enough, Fred C. Dobbs begins to get greedy with his share of the profit an begins to complain about random topics. This was a sign of Dobbs having a plan to take everything for himself at the end. A couple days later, the arrival of the bandits also known as drifters comes along in the picture and they have a confertation with running into the three men. They shoot off the bandits, but it is not long till they catach up to them again. One night, there were some men who asked for Howards help in currence to a sick boy who Howard healed. After this, they begin to take Howard as one of their own. From here on, Dobbs and Curtin continue on with their destination to Durango to turn in the gold for money. Along the way Dobbs begins to loose his mind more and more towards Curtin. Soon Dobbs made a move on Curtin and shot him in the chest. Curtin as the brave man he was, crawled away and found himself at Howards residence, he told them the situation that occured and they begin right away to get ahold of Dobbs. They could not catch up to him, but the Bandits did and raided him for his belongings and everything else. As the Bandits turn in the gold at the local town, a child knows its not the real men who took off with the mules. The kid blurbs the new and the bandits were shot and buried. In the time being so late, Howard and Curtin arrive to late, because out of the town the bandits threw aways the gold that were in teh bags, make it worse the wind was blowing so the gold was gone for good. In search for the gold and Dobbs being dead, the story end by Howard and Curtin laughing at everything that had just happened and also learning a life lesson for them not to be greedy and that gold is not everything in life.
This movie was a good movie for me, it kept me interested in the entire story. The dude Fred C. Dobbs also irritated me as well with his entire behavior towards Curtin. This was actually a good black & white movie and honestly I would watch it again. The set up and climax of the movie was good, and I did not feel sleepy at all when I was watching this.

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  1. Wow, your summary is very detailed ;-)

    But I'm really glad you liked the movie!