Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Big Step

Will Michael Cera Ever Grow Up?

The New York Observer
By Sara Vilkomerson

In the article, "Will Michael Cera Ever Grow Up?" by Sara Vilkomerson, she talks about

where he will stand and what will happen to his mediocre acting career when he goes from man-boy to man. In his recent movies, Michael has played the same role; from dorky loser to rising above the challenges or bullies to getting the girl in the end. Not only is his acting a trademark for him because we basically see him playing the same role in mostly every movie he's in. Sara makes a point; "But what will happen to the man-boy when he's all man and can no longer slouch about in baggy pants and hoodie sweatshirts with perpetually flushed cheeks?" Not only is she wildly curious about where his acting career will lead to when he supposedly becomes a man and can no longer play the dorky boy who gets the girl in the end, but she also creates curiosity for all of us because we think about where his career will escalate to or what it will become. And with that, she thinks he will make the transition from man-boy to man but is not entirely sure, but only time will prove this point.

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