Monday, November 15, 2010

2001: An Acid Trip

2001: A Space Odyssey is frankly one of the worst movies ever made, EVER. I watched the whole movie and dont know what it was about. It starts out with some crazy chimps freaking out and discovering weapons. the monkey go ape shit, no pun inteded, on another one and kill him,a weird huge domino looking thing shows up. througho out the movie the computer tries killing everyone because it knows its going to get shut down. After it kills just about everyone it goes into 30 mins of shiny lights and sounds. then a baby shows up. Whats tht mean? You got me.

If i Was anything less than sober i might have mayb kinda not really enjoyed this movie. This movie sucked more than my last writing project. It was mayb cause I didnt understand it and everything was left for interpretation. well my final verdict is that this movie sucks more than a kirby vaccum. Though it was well shot and the special effects for its time were good

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