Sunday, November 7, 2010

"After a meal there's nothing like a good cigar."

Nicole McBride
English 111 1230PM
Ben Villarreal

In the film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly directed by Sergio Leone tells the story of three men who basically go on a simple treasure hunt. Tuco, “the Ugly,” is friends with Blondie, “the Good,” who later turns against Tuco because of the gold treasure. Angel Eyes, “the Bad,” learns about the possession of the gold belonging to a man named Bill Carson and sets off to find it.

Blondie leaves his and Tuco’s friendship behind and goes on to torture Tuco by abandoning him in the desert. Tuco of course seeks revenge on Blondie, but in the process runs into Bill Carson. Tuco gets persuaded to do something for Bill in exchange for the location of the treasure. Bill dies while Tuco is doing his favor, but reveals the location of the treasure to Blondie.

By now, Tuco and Blondie are impersonating Confederate soldiers and Blondie is near death. So, Tuco takes him to recover at his brother’s religious mission and they are captured because they are impersonating Confederate soldiers. They are taken to a Union prison camp. Meanwhile, Angel Eyes is still on the mission of the treasure.

Angel Eyes runs into Tuco and beats him up for the information he believes he has about the treasure. Angel Eyes then learns he knows nothing and Blondie knows all. Blondie and Tuco resume their old friendship and decide to team up and get the treasure before Angel Eyes does.

All three men arrive at the graveyard of where the treasure is located and of course conflict arises. The men hold each other at gunpoint for information of the treasure. Blondie shoots Angel Eyes and Tuco shoots Blondie only to see that his gun was emptied by Blondie the previous night. Blondie tricks Tuco into digging up the treasure for him and then ties him up and runs away with it. Strangely, as Blondie rides off he shoots Tuco down from being tied up.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was an alright movie in my opinion. It was really long. I do appreciate Sergio Leone’s director style though. I appreciate it in that his effective use of the whistle is pretty legendary. The close ups in the movie are impressive. I would rather not watch this movie again. I wouldn’t because I remember watching it all the time as a kid because my dad believes it to be the best movie ever made so he made us watch it all the time.


  1. The closeups really add to the tension in the movie man. I like the music too. Plus, it felt longer than 7 Samurai.

  2. Really, Duong? I actually feel Seven Samurai drags on more :-/

    Your dad has good taste, Nicole :-) My dad used to watch it all the time, too, and that's how I saw it for the first time :-)

    Your summary's a little long, but this a good post.