Monday, November 22, 2010

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?"

Twenty years old a fresh college graduate, Benjamin found himself worrying about his future. Those worries cease to exist after an affair springs up between himself and the wife of his father's business partner and long family friend. He no longer cares for his future as he spends his days lounging and his nights in a hotel with Mrs. Robinson. Rather than a simple love affair, Ben grows bored and accustomed to the emotionless nights with Mrs. Robinson. He began to yearn for more than just physical connection. After an argument with Mrs. Robinson, he promises that he'll never take her daughter, Elaine, out.
However, after being pressured by his father breaks that promise, enraging Mrs. Robinson. He falls for Elaine, further upsetting Mrs. Robinson, and is faced with a dilemma, to stop seeing Elaine or Mrs. Robinson would tell about their affair. He decided that telling Elaine himself would be the best course of action, understandably she was rather upset, and left back to college. But that wasn't the end for Ben, he followed Elaine to college and confesses his love for her. She would string him along, as she thought he had raped her mother. Mr. Robinson becomes aware of the affair between his wife and Ben, pays Ben a visit, then takes Elaine away to Santa Barbra, where she will marry another man. Ben chases them down, and right as the ceremony was to be sealed, he caught the attention of Elaine. They make a narrow escape and jump on a bus together, wedding dress and all.
This movie was absolutely amazing! At times the movie seemed rather dull, but I smiled the whole time and laughed. I was able to see Ben go from awkward and shy, to a stalker, and finally into a man. I enjoyed the music throughout the entire movie. Simon and Garfunkel really aren't my style, but when I was younger my mom would play it over and over. It was nice being able to recognize the songs, and sing along to it if I wanted. I was rather disappointed that the actual song, "Mrs. Robinson" wasn't played. I anticipated it through the entire film, and even tried predicting where they would play it. Other than that, I couldn't have enjoyed this film more. Also, I just love Dustin Hoffman, he is an amazing actor, and enjoy the films that he is in. To me, he is able to really get into character.

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  1. I was going to say that I was smiling through the whole movie too haha. It was hilarious. Nice post, they did play "Mrs. Robinson" though, I remember it because it was stuck in my head all night haha. I loved all the music too.