Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Battle of Wits

In the movie, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", the weird freindship between Tuco and Blondie led them to turn on each other, but they needed one another once Tuco found out about the $200,000 dollars worth of gold. This all happened when Tuco was Torturing Blondie by making him walk through the burning hot desert without water, shade and rest, all while Tuco was riding atop a horse, with shade and water. They happened to find Confederates who were ambushed and one of the guys, Bill Carson, had hid gold in a place only he knew, but he only had seconds to live. Tuco tried to get all the information he could out of him, but only got the place where he had hid the gold which was Sad Hill. On the other hand, Blondie might have been on the verge of dying, but he got the name of the tombstone in which he had buried the gold. So the differences they had was all in the past now because Tuco needed the name, so he did all he could to make sure Blondie lives. These two have a very weird relationship, but in the end getting 50-50 of the cut is what matters the most. They go through a series of misfortune to get to Sad Hill, but in the end they finally get to the place they had so much trouble getting to. In the end, they run into Angel Eyes, who is also looking to get the gold. This leads to the three of them having a showdown and whoever wins gets the gold. Blondie kills Angel Eyes, while Tuco is left vulnerable because Blondie had taken his bullets the night before. They find the gold and split it between the two, but Blondie tells Tuco to put the lasso on and try not to hang himself. But just like the movie started, Blondie shoots the rope before Tuco dangles on the rope.

From start to finish, this movie was interesting and full of action. The tension that built up between the characters only left me thinking what was going to happen next and kept me hooked throughout the whole movie. This was a great movie with great music throughout.


  1. The music is real good, I totally agree with you on that, it makes me laugh. The tension totally builds all throughout the movie - I like that about it too.

  2. Yes, the music is amazing! The composer, Ennio Morricone, won Oscars for his film scores back in the day :-)

    And I'm glad you guys liked it.

    Good post, Jamaal.