Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Battle To A Destination...

The good, the bad and the ugly were three characters who were interested in money and wanted to get gold that was hidden by Bill Carson in a cemetery called Sad Hill. These characters were Blondie, Angel eyes and Tuco. Tuco and Blondie new each other because Tuco was wanted in many states and Blondie would turned him in to the authorities and get the reward that he was worth. When Tuco was turned in he would get hanged by a rope but Blondie would save him every time by shooting a bullet through the rope and split 40-60 with Tuco. Blondie didn't want to work with Tuco anymore and left Tuco in the middle of nowhere after he saved him for the last time. Tuco and Blondie were back together but Tuco wanted to get revenge on Blondie by crossing the hardest hot hill and without giving him any water. After he saw that Blondie couldn't walk anymore and fell on the ground he stopped, as he stopped he saw a couple horses pulling a carriage. When he was going through the dead men’s stuff in the carriage he finds out that a Bill Carson is in the carriage and is dying. Bill Carson tells Tuco where the 200,000 Dollars worth of gold were located at but he needed water and it was getting hard for him to talk. Tuco runs to get Carson some water, when he got back Carson was dead already. Locally Blondie was there and was able to get the name of the grave that the gold was located at, but Blondie was not in good conditions and was dying. That’s when Tuco realized that he had to do everything to keep Blondie alive so he could tell him the name of the grave. Once Blondie got better they had to face many obstacles to get to their destination because they were not the only ones who wanted the gold. once they got to the Sad Hill Tuco thought he had found the grave and was digging up to find the gold when Angel Eyes caught up to them and wanted to get the gold all to himself and kill Blondie and Tuco. Blondie had the idea to battle for the gold once everyone agreed and was ready to shoot, they all tried t take a shot and Blondie killed Angel Eyes and took Tucos bullets the night before. Blondie and Tuco dug up the gold and Blondie hung Tuco from a rope took fifty percent of the gold and left Tuco hanging from the rope along with the other half of the gold. When he was riding off with his horse and Tuco was hanging, Blondie turned around and shot a bullet through the rope like old times.

This movie was interesting to me; I liked the music in the movie and the story of the movie. The only thing that I didn’t like was that it was a little too long. But other than that it was a good movie.