Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coo coo ca choo Mrs Robinson

Benjamain Baddock is a fresh graduate from college. On the night of his party a friend of his parents, Mrs. Robinson throws herself at him. After thinking it over a bit Ben goes on and begins an affair with her. Some time passes and then he goes on a date with her daughter Elaine. That is when it all comes crashing down.
The affair is revealed to Elaine, and Mrs. Robinson tells Elaine that Ben raped her.
Ben watches from afar as Elaine goes back to Berkely then follows her there to try to marry her. He stalks her for a while, then finally talks to her about it. Se gives it a few days then says she will think about it. Before she can give him her answer Mr Robinson interviens and takes her away from Berkley to marry another man.
Ben finds where the wedding will be held and races there. He makes it to the church and stops it. Then Elaine and Ben run off together to what I understood to get married.

I liked it. I had seen parts of it before but never the whole thing. It was pretty slow in the beginning, but I guess it was pretty racey for it's time, I just didn't think he was just going to be laying around for so long. Those scenes were too long of him just laying in the pool and stuff. I was waiting for him to say coo coo ca choo, then he didn't say it it was in the song when he was chasing after Elaine. I was a little dissappointed in that because that is a saying that I thought they actually said in the movie. so many people "quote" that from this movie, but now I know it's from the song in the movie. I really didn't like the end that much because they went from being really happy to almost sadness in their facial expressions. That kind of made me think that they might not be happy with what they did or something. I could just be reading too much into it. Over all it was a very well shot and pretty good film.


  1. Sweet summary Rebekah. You discussed the main points well. I too liked the film. I also think that Ben and Elaine looked rather sad on the bus. Great blog.

  2. good summary, i liked the movie too and i love youe title... haha good one!

  3. Ya, I also thought they looked sad. I thought to myself, "Hey! That's what you get! You went on ONE date." I know how you feel not getting to hear the coo coo cacho. I was waiting to hear Mrs. Robinson, the song, throughout the whole film! And they never played it! I was so disappointed.