Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cougar Town

The movie The Graduate is a movie about a young college graduate who comes home to relax for the summer before possibly going to med school. While at his party an old family friend, Mrs. Robinson, tries to seduce him but he holds strong. He later gives into his desires and does what some people would call "disguisting". Mrs. Robinsons daughter comes home for a while and while she is down he falls deeply in love with her, but once that happens she finds out what they did and everything falls apart.The Robinsons get a divorce, their parents partnership ends and her daughter now rejects him. He keeps persistant and wrecks her wedding pulling her out of the chappel and riding off into the sunset, on a bus.

I personally enjoyed this movie alot. At first I thot it was going to be another boring old story, all dramatic and what not. As the movie slowly developed you could see the main character develop from a nerdy college kid with no self confidence to this determined individual. The movie had quite a bit of humor and some you had to pay attention to to make sure you caught the joke.


  1. Great title. Good summary, short, and the main ideas were there.

  2. What an appropriate tittle =))

  3. Excellent post, luis! Just watch your spelling ;-)
    And how can you not comment on the ending of the movie?!