Monday, November 15, 2010

Finish HIM!!!

The movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a story of boy meets girls and falls in love, but she has luggage he must deal with. Scott Pilgrim is a 22-year-old bass player living in Toronto, Canada. He is dating a high school girl named Knives Chau, whom because of her he receives constant disapproval. Unfortunately, Scott is still recovering from a bad break up with his old rock star girlfriend. At a party, Scott meets a mysterious girl with colorful hair named Ramona, he falls head over heels. He faces his fears and asks Ramona to ‘hang out’, she agrees. When their relationship starts to become serious, he can no longer juggle both girls, so he dumps Knives. Everything appears great, but he is surprisingly attacked by Ramona’s first ex boyfriend. After defeating him, Scott learns that a league of Ramona’s exes will pursue and attempt to destroy him. Scott has a challenge of defeating the next five exes, and wonders if Ramona is worth it and whether or not he can trust her with his heart. Then, Gideon, Ramona’s last boyfriend who she was running away from, steals her from Scott before he can truly win her heart. Scott had to do some important thinking, he decided to defeat Gideon because Ramona was worth and he wanted to prove that he was the better guy. He fights Gideon only to be killed, but he gained an extra life when fighting the other exes. So, Scott gets a chance to redo everything, only this time he does not fight Gideon for Ramona, but because he realized his self worth. Scott, with the help of Knives, defeats Gideon. In the end, Ramona decides that she must leave because she caused too much trouble; Scott joins her because his love for her is strong.

The movie was totally interesting and humorous. I liked the fact that it portrayed the awkwardness of a teenager’s life, the confusion of love, willingness to approve of another’s luggage, and realizing one’s self worth. Michael Cera fighting and defeating seven evil exes was surprising, he appears so weak and dorky you just do not expect it at all. My favorite part from the movie was when Thomas Jane appeared as vegan police and said, “Milk and eggs, bitch.” I enjoyed the movie so much; I do not know why film critics cannot just appreciate it for what it was-funny.


  1. I agree witgh you. It was an interesting movie. I don't see why the critics were so harsh with it. It was very entertaining and told a good story, the only part I thought they were right about was it went on a little long.

  2. How is it too long?! It never gets boring ;-)

    While your summary's a little "And then...and then...and then," I think your thoughts on the film or dead on!

    I also love Thomas Jane's cameo :-)