Sunday, November 21, 2010


The graduate is a movie about a college student who went home for the summer and is confused about love. Ben is a college graduate who is thinking of going to med school and when he got home he meets his father’s business partner and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Mrs. Robinson then has an affair with Ben, but they keep it confidential for a while until her daughter went back home from college. Elaine and Ben fall in love but Mrs. Robinson is not ok with it and didn’t approve of them dating. Elaine then finds out about her mother’s affair with Ben and takes off back to college. Ben went after her because he loved her and wanted to b with her. She is willing to forgive him and forget about the affair and marry him, but the only problem was that her mother would never allow it. They take Elaine out of town and arrange a weeding for hr with a med student. Ben finds her at her own wedding and takes her with him leaving everyone behind.

I thought this was a good movie. This is a movie I enjoyed all the way. It was a really funny movie and it had me laughing a lot. But I do have to say that it’s kind of nasty sleeping with the mom and the daughter. I thought Dustin Hoffman did a really good job in the movie. He knew his character well and knew how to entertain the audience. I would defiantly watch this movie again or even buy it.


  1. You would "defiantly" watch it again ;-)

    Less summary, more opinion! And proofread!

  2. I must agree with you i thought it was a good movie also. It kept me entertained and interested on how it was going to end.