Monday, November 15, 2010

Hunger for Horror Films

Robin Jones
English 111

This article by Stephen King Cultural Studies "Why We Crave Horror Movies" is about how people are appointed to horror films in a way that we may see as being to obvious. Horror movies have a different effect on people the way they give off messages and a fear feeling throughout your mind and body. This article also breaks down how the horror films are and the way the audience may view this type of genre. The emotion and thoughts that are put into them such as giving examples between a reality type of change compared to a screen played out scene.
This article fits the movie "Psycho" well, because this allows the audience to see different points on why they watched this film. Seeing it as why they may have enjoyed this film or simply watching it for the love of horror films. This artilce is brought together quite well, because this brings in points that are on topic about most horror films and the way others may look at it. Taking it back to into history and bringing up details about ancient horror history.

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