Monday, November 22, 2010

I would of stuck with the Mother

The Graduate is a movie that tells a tale of a young man, Dustin Hoffman, who recently graduated and is confused about the next step in life. His parents extremely happy and very involved in his life try to guide the young man on the right path. Hoffman is seduced by an older married woman, who is also a friend of the family. As the two engage in a secretive love affair, Hoffman is encouraged by the husband of the married woman and his parents to ask the daughter of his secret lover out on a date. The lover forbids it but Hoffman is forced to do so by parents. After one night out they fall in love but Hoffman’s world comes crashing down when the secret love affair is no longer secret. His world turns upside down as he tries to win the young girls heart over and ends up stealing her away from the alter and running off with her. The movie ends with both on a bus off to face the world together.
This is a good movie. If we put aside the fact that every heterosexual boy at least once in his life wants an older woman experience, one can see how true this movie is to reality, for any and every generation. Hoffman portrayed the role beautifully. The uncertainty of life, the feeling and desire of quitting as being the best option, the idea that one’s life has been wasted while striving for excellence is everything I got out of Hoffman’s character and his facial expressions and actions. The kinds of movie where actors act out their feelings rather than say them are always the best ones, I feel. I usually hate endings to movies because they never do a movie justice; no one ever wants something captivating to end. But I have to give it to this movie; the ending brought the movie back to the beginning; to its original thesis statement. Both uncertain of each other, the step they have taken, and the steps they will need to take. Neither look at each other and the excitement of running off to this forbidden love is now overshadowed by the feeling of uncertainty.

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