Monday, November 1, 2010

Insanity Test

In the article by Stephen King, “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, briefly discusses in depth of why horror movies thrill and pleasure many people. King believes that we are all mentally ill and we hide it much better than those inside asylums. His examples were the fact that we are all known to talk to ourselves from stress, often make horrible grimaces when we think we are alone, and have hysterical fear of snakes or the dark. We pay money to watch a horror movie because we are daring the nightmare, proving to ourselves that we are not afraid, to re-establish our feeling of essential normality, and to basically have fun. King states, “The fun comes from seeing others menaced-sometimes killed.” A horror film intends to urge us to put away our civilized and adult penchant to become children again. A horror movie provides a psychic relief, invites us to lapse into simplicity, and allows our madness to extend. King states, “Our emotions and our fears form their own body, and we recognize that it demands its own exercise to maintain proper muscle tone.” The accepted emotions are love, friendship, loyalty, and kindness; with these emotions we get showered with positive reinforcement. The non accepted emotions do not go away and constantly demand exercise. Things related to horror appeals to the worst of us, it is morbidity unchained, our base instincts are let free, our nastiest fantasies are realized, and all this happens in the dark. To control these anticivilized feelings, we must feed it occasionally to prevent it from escaping.

Everything Stephen King had to say about the affect of horror movies on people is genius. I too also think that we are a little insane. In Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho, Norman Bates says, “She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?” I think this statement holds total truth; we know the morals of right and wrong, but we still do troublesome things because each and every one of us are fully capable of committing horrible acts like Norman Bates. I think most people are just good at controlling or hiding their madness. Norman Bates hid his madness in the form of his dead mother, and after she killed, Norman cleaned the crimes up just like a good son would do believing he had absolutely nothing to do with it. If we do not feed our madness every now and then it will escape and as a result we will commit something we would not normally do, just like Marion Crane; she lived a pleasant good life, but desired love and stole $40,000 to be with her significant other. Horror movies are a twisted pleasure, we may not fully realized it or admit it, but watching horror movies calms and pleases the madness to keep us sane.

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