Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Robinson Love Triangle

The movie, The Graduate, is a complicated story of a young man confused about his future and the love triangle in his life. Ben is a recent college graduate returning home. He has an affair with his father’s business partner’s wife, Mrs. Robinson. Their affair is confidential, until Ms. Robinson’s daughter Elaine returns home from college. Ben realizes that he likes Elaine very much, but Ms. Robinson does not approve of it. Unfortunately, Elaine eventually finds out about her mother’s affair with the guy she likes. Elaine returns back to college, with Ben tailing right behind her wanting desperately to win her love. Elaine is willing to forgive Ben and possibly marry him, but Mr. Robinson disapproves. He drags her out of town in order to arrange a marriage between Elaine and a med student. Ben finds her, interrupts the wedding, and runs away with her leaving the angry wedding guest and Elaine’s angry parents behind.

I thought the movie was great and entertaining. The concept was so realistic; I would assume adultery and complicated love triangles occur on a daily basis. It sort of grossed me out, sleeping with a women and then wanting to be with her daughter. Dustin Hoffman portrayed an innocent and boyish character extremely well. I also think the movie made an impact in motion picture history because in the movie Wayne’s World II, the wedding scene was almost exactly the same. Overall, the film was classic.

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