Sunday, November 14, 2010

Screensaver movie.

2001: A Space Odyssey starts with the scene of a tribe of ape-men living by a puddle of water. A leopard kills one of them and chases the rest away. The next day the tribe comes back to the puddle only to find that their puddle is now occupied by another tribe of ape-men. After one of the monkey touched a mysterious monolith, he becomes aware of the use of a bone as a weapon. He then kills the leader of the other tribe and regain the ownership of the puddle to his own tribe. Four thousand years later, people find that same monolith on the moon. Some time later, the monitoring computer in a spaceship in Jupiter finds an abnormal fault in the antenna. It turns out to be a system error and there is actually no fault. Yet, the astronauts start to notice the strange attitude of the modern computer and plan to disconnect it for safety reason. Before they can even do that, the computer manipulates the system and kills one of the astronauts while he is in space. Dave, the only astronaut who is still alive by then, decides to go to the computer's memory core and clears all of its memory. Upon finishing, he finds a video message about the mysterious black monolith. Dave then encounters the monolith and after a bright and colorful journey, arrives in a room. There he sees himself growing older and finally transform into a fetus form floating in space.

I am not a big fan of this movie. Even though the special effects - the highlights of the movie - are spectacular with the astronauts floating like in real space and the ape-men looking so real, the plot is not interesting. Even though it may be mysterious in the first few scene where the black monolith suddenly appears out of nowhere, it loses people's attention and interest as the movie continue. The dialogue is not that spectacular and natural, especially in the dialogue between Dave and the other astronaut in the C-pod. The music is entertaining at first, with classical music such as "On The Beautiful Blue Danube" at the beginning of the movie. Yet, somehow the rest of the music is not a suitable choice for the movie. It somewhat dramatizes the movie in an exaggerated manner. Moreover, the ending is neither mysterious nor mind intriguing. After the screensaver scenes I was hoping for an explosion or at least something entertaining. Plus, the voice of the computer namely Hal is disturbing to the max.

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