Sunday, November 14, 2010

So this is the movie where all that epic music is from.

2001: A Space Odyssey is a science fiction film that tells a tale from the beginning of mankind to way into the future. The film starts off in a desert with a tribe of apes. A leopard kills one of the apes and another tribe of apes takes over the existing tribe's water hole. The tribe then sees a tall black stone and cautiously touch it. The stone appears to give one of the apes the power to use a bone as a tool and weapon. The ape that touched the stone then kills the other tribe's leader that took their water hole. The scene then changes way into the future in space. This same tall black stone is found 4000 years later on a planet. After interaction with the stone, weird things happen. Dave, an astronaut, is on his ship with his partner and the computer system named Hal. They are a mission to Jupiter. Dave starts to realize the controlling acts of Hal. After his partner is murdered by Hal, Dave realizes that he needs to shut down Hal. Dave is successful in dismembering Hal's memory and after he does a video plays saying that the unexplained black stone is aimed at Jupiter which is where he is headed. Dave orbits another mysterious black tone as he orbits Jupiter. Dave then sees himself at different stages of age of himself in the future. As he sees himself in his oldest age, there is another black stone. He goes to touch it and it ends the movie with him as fetus gazing at Earth from space.

Okay, this movie was so weird. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a movie I will probably not watch again, but it nice to know to the origin of all that popular music. Nice to know what movie it all came from. There wasn't much dialogue in the movie, which was nice because usually in its place intense music was playing. The beginning of the movie was pretty cool because the apes looked real freaky. When people are playing monkeys it always weirds me out. Overall, I guess I can see why this movie is considered to be epic because of how accurate some of technology was about the future. Like the video calls, we have those now. Also, the music too, definitely epic.

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