Monday, November 15, 2010


2001: A space Odyssey is a movie that starts with mankind and then it goes into the future. A group of apes is in the middle of the desert and then an ape is killed by a leopard. As another group of apes takes over their water hole, the group sees a big black stone and they touch it. As soon as one of the apes touched the stone, it gave him the power to use a bone to use as a weapon and protect himself. As he realized that he can protect himself with the bone, he then kills the leader of the other group who took their water hole. As the ape kills the other ape the movie then changes into the future in space. Then the same big black stone was found 4000 years later on the planet and every time the stone was toughed a lot of weird things happened. Then an astronaut name Dave and his partner and a computer system name Hal are on a mission to go to Jupiter. His partner gets murdered by the computer system Hal and Dave realizes that he needed to shut Hal down and take all her memory to continue this mission. As he shuts down Hal he sees another black stone and find hi self in another period of time where he is at his oldest age. He then sees the stone again, touches it and finds himself as a fetus in space.

This was an interesting movie, not a movie I would go see on my own but it was okay. The apes were very weird but cool at the same time. I was confused on parts of the movie. There was not a lot of dialogue in this movie but it wasn’t too bad.

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  1. You did a very good job in explaining what went on during the movie. You went into some good detail, alot better than what I did. I'm glad you liked it but in my personal opinion i did not like the movie one bit