Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Very Big Graduation Present

In the movie, "The Graduate", Benjamin Braddock had just recently graduated from college and is now home with his parents. They throw him a party to congratulate him, but Ben wants to be away from it all because he is still uncertain about his future. After numerous escapes from his father's friends, he makes it back to his room to once again be found by Mrs. Robinson. She asks him for a ride home and tries to get into his mind and secretly seduce him. She offers that if Ben wants to go through with it to just give her a call. After thinking about it, Ben goes through with it and they secretly meet with each other for weeks to come. When Ben asked about her daughter, Elaine, Mrs. Robinson immediately tells Ben not to see her or there will be hell to pay. After being set-up with Elaine, Ben tries his best to push her away, but soon finds himself to be attracted to her. They have a talk and Elaine comes up with the idea that Ben is having an affair with someone, but she doesn't know it's with her own mother. After ignoring what Mrs. Robinson said, Ben wants to go out with Elaine again, but is again immediately threatened by Mrs. Robinson. With all the pressure being built up, Ben tells Elaine only to be dumped by her soon after. She then goes back to college and Mrs. Robinson comes up with the story that he raped her. Ben does not stop to win Elaine back because he is in love with her. After numerous tries, he goes all over town to find Elaine and soon discovers that she is getting married. After discovering where this is taking place, he finally finds her and stops the wedding and runs away with Elaine.

This was a great, humorous and exciting film. The part I liked the most was when they went to the hotel and Ben tried to act like he didn't know any of the people who were talking to him. Although the plot was predictable this was a great movie altogether, with good and goofy acting and a storyline that will keep you hooked the first time someone sits down to watch this film, two-thumbs up.

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