Sunday, November 21, 2010

"We might just as well have been shaking hands."

The Graduate is the story of a love affair between fresh college graduate Benjamin Braddock and his dad's business partner's seductive wife, Mrs. Robinson. The affair ends after Ben realizes he begins to fall in love with their college daughter, Elaine. Ben has graduated college and now has a lot on his mind on to what he should do next. Mrs. Robinson is at his graduation party and asks him to drive her home. When at her home, Mrs. Robinson begins to seduce Ben and sleep with him. Ben refuses her that night, however calls her up later to accept her offer of "you can call me anytime Benjamin." This love affair continues for three months in the middle of the night in hotel rooms. Ben's parents continue to ask him what he is doing with his life and insist that he take out the Robinson's sweet daughter Elaine on a date. To avoid an awkward dinner with the Robinsons, Ben promises to take Elaine out. Mrs. Robinson is aware of this and tells Ben that he is no longer allowed to see Elaine anymore. Ben falls for Elaine, but that ends shortly because Mrs. Robinson tells Elaine that Ben raped her. Ben goes out to see Elaine at college and learns this and is shocked. Ben asks Elaine to marry him, but Elaine just can't seem to accept and runs off to marry someone else despite her strong feelings for Ben. Ben shows up at the wedding and Elaine and Ben run off together.

The Graduate is definitely one of the top movies we have watched so far, alongside to Casablanca. I liked the acting of Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock because he played the nervous boy role so well. It was clearly evident the awkwardness of a 40 something year old woman seducing a 21 year old boy. The story was just really good and interesting the whole time.



  2. ZOMG YOU DO!!!11


    Nicole, you have a major disproportion between your summary length and your opinion--less summary, more opinion, please! Besides, how could you not comment on the ending?!