Sunday, November 21, 2010

"We might just as well have been shaking hands. "

The Graduate is about a 21-year-old Benjamin who, upon coming back home from college and hesitating on going to graduate school, has an affair with the wife of his dad's business partner. Ben changes from a nervous young man to a more relaxed and calm person, drifting in the pool by days and seeing Mrs. Robinson, the woman he has an affair with, by night. After Elaine, the daughter of Mrs. Robinson comes back form college, Ben's parents and Mr. Robinson insist that Ben should take her out on a date while Mrs. Robinson makes Ben swear not to. In the end, Ben takes Elaine out but intentionally upset her. Seeing her crying, Ben regrets his deeds and treat Elaine nicely. At the end of their first date, they find themselves falling head over heels for each other. When Mrs. Robinson threatens Ben that she will let Elaine know about their affair, Ben rashly rushes and tells Elaine about the relationship before Mrs. Robinson can do anything. Elaine feels betrayed and leaves for college right away. After sometimes, Ben decides to go to Berkeley to confess with Elaine and marry her. He finds out that even though Elaine is seeing someone else and that she still hates him for what he did, she still has feelings for him. Mr. Robinson then finds out about the affair and forces Elaine out of college to marry the guy she is seeing. Ben struggles to find Elaine just before she gets married and crashes the wedding. Elaine escapes with Ben on a bus, leaving all the dramas and regrets behind.

Actually among all the movies that have been shown, this is one of the few that have a happy ending. That seemingly simplistic and cliche' detail is enough to put a smile on the faces of the audience and gain itself a hundred million dollars profits. I did not pay too much attention to the music of the movie since I was engrossed in how the story slowly unwrapped itself. I like the developments in personalities of Ben as the character changes from a shy boy to a calm man and finally a confident and resolute individual. Yet, something is missing in the part where it should be most detailed: The drama, suspense and emotion when Ben is dating Elaine without her acknowledgement of his affair. The director seems to have rushed this part of which I expected a little bit more. However, this is a movie that brings about good feelings (since it's about love conquering some obstacles) and satisfaction to the audience. I like it.


  1. I agree, the dating phase of Ben and Elaine's relationship feels rushed and a little unrealistic.

    And yet, your summary's too long!

    Also, proofread more closely.

    Lastly, how can you not comment on the end of the film?!

  2. I dont agree on how the rushness of the couple, cause the end of the movie shows that niether were ready to be together, which ties into the fact that the dating phase needed to be rushed.

    Besides the end of the movie could be interpretive in so many ways. I think the director wanted it to be that way, which means one does not need to comment on it.

  3. But regardless of whether they rushed into things, something had to have happened to at least make them feel like they needed to rush. The rush to be together (whether they were ready or not) was what was unrealistic.

    And how can a movie ending having multiple interpretations make it unnecessary to comment upon? We (as a society) comment the most on that which we interpret differently--just look at Justin Bieber ;-)

  4. haha I just seen this comment, so sorry for the late response. I actually see both points ur making and understand why you are the teacher and i am the student.