Monday, November 1, 2010

why do we have an erger for horror Movie

why do we like to have an arguer for horror movie that makes us feel like are hearts wants to jump out. There is some thing in are brains that triggers a cemicla at goes thought are body that makes us want to jump out of are chair. There are other feeling that we get but they are with other movies, for example. romantic movie make u sad or want to squish your partner. Comedy make u laugh a lot. For every subject of the you get some kind of feeling ,but with horror movie you really get a feeling that can last you a life time.
I crave for horror movies because i love that feeling that my heart will jump out. Its the suspense whats going to happens and what does happened.The thing i learned about myself is that i do not watch them at night because i end up dreaming about the horror.


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