Sunday, November 14, 2010

"You punched me in the boob! Prepare to die, obviously!"

"Scott Pilgrim Vs The World" is about Scott Pilgrim and his struggle to win over the mysterious girl of his dream - Ramona Flowers. Scott is in a punk rock band namely "Sex-Bob-omb" and is dating a high schooler Knives Chau. After meeting Ramona in his dreams, in the library and in a party, Scott totally falls head over heels for Ramona and loses his interest in Knives. They have a date and Ramona starts to develop a feeling for Scott. In a battle of the bands performance, Scott is attacked by one of Ramona's ex but he defeated the ex. After that Scott fights off other ex-boyfriends of Ramona until he meets Gideon who makes Ramona change her mind and leave Scott. Scott does not give up, he looks for Gideon and challenge him. After losing the battle, Scott is killed by Gideon. Scott uses his extra life to return and, with the help of Ramona, Knives and his self-esteem, defeats Gideon. When Ramona is about to leave Scott again to begin a new chapter of life, Scott is encouraged by Knives to chase after her, and they start their relationship all over again.

This is a pretty decent movie. Although it cannot be compared to Kickass, I enjoyed it just as much. The video-game-like visual and sound effects really bring the movie to a whole new level. Without the effects, Scott Pilgrim would not have been that fun to watch. Michael Cera, despite his always being the same dorky boy in his movies, is excellent in his acting. Nobody is more suitable than him in portraying a boy who the audience always supports even though he is a bit of an ass sometimes. The movie is overall entertaining not only to the video gamers but also to the general audience. It is thus not fair to the movie that some critics condemn the movie to be quite a failure.


  1. Nice summary Duong. I agree that the movie would not have been has nearly fun to watch if it didn't have the video game tweaks that it had. And yeah, Michael Cera plays this role so great.

  2. "They have a date and Ramona starts to develop a feeling for Scott." Haha! Nice, I agree with your thoughts on the movie all the way, except this movie was way better than Kickass, even though Kickass DID Kick ass...

  3. I sort of agree with, Olivia. I don't know if it's "way" better ('cause Kick Ass is amazing!), but I still like Scott Pilgrim better. Besides, Scott Pilgrim could totally take Kick Ass ;-)