Sunday, November 7, 2010

"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig."

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly… a strong willed gunman, a greedy hit man, and a Mexican bandit out in the Wild West. Blondie, the skilled gunman makes friends with a wanted bandit named Tuco, with whom he turns in and splits the reward with. After Tuco is no longer worth so much, Blondie decides to leave Tuco to hold his own out in the desert which makes Tuco full of revenge. Angel Eyes is the hit man looking for Bill Carson, a man who has hidden $200,000 worth of gold. When traveling through the desert, Tuco and Blondie run into a buggy full of dead bodies where one is still holding onto life and has a secret to tell about some gold buried in a cemetery. Tuco only heard the name of the cemetery and Blondie heard the name of the grave. So they have to keep each other alive to get to the gold. The good kills the bad but leaves the ugly in the dust. But as always, Blondie splits the worth with the ugly.

I thought this was an awesome movie. I totally love the music, love Clint Eastwood and his amazing hair and just overall loved all the actors. I can definitely see why this is a classic. It had amazing suspense that kept my eyes glued to the screen. It made me really hungry too. I never knew what they were eating but I wanted some. I was never into western movies, but now I want to see more. It was just a classic “badass” movie.


  1. Yes! I get so hungry watching that movie! That stew that Angel Eyes serves him at the beginning even makes a sucking sound as he spoons it out of the bowl! And the bread just tears right away!

    Excellent post, Olivia :-)

  2. Hahaha I would totally skiddoo right into the movie just to eat some stew!