Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Epic Mission

Robin Jones
English 111

For the movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ this is in the category of a science fiction film that tells the story of mankind going into the future. Starting out with apes in a desert from the beginning and as a leopard kills off one of the apes to take over the apes tribe. As soon as this passes, the tribe has a stone appear to give off power to use a bone as a weapon. With a water hole and the stone as the ape touches the stone so power comes to the tribe. Then out of nowhere, the scene of the movie changes, it takes place in space again. Then that same stone is found about 4,000 years later on a planet but soon after strange things begin to happen to some who come across the stone. A man named Dave who is an astronaut is with his ship and a computer named Hal, they are on a mission to Jupiter. Dave then notices that Hal needs to be shut down and then suddenly Dave sees himself in a different set of stage on his location. He goes and touches the stone and the movie ends.
This movie was really weird to me; I wouldn’t like to see this movie again. Reason being is because it is so confusing and hard to understand. Situations happen out of nowhere and you wonder ‘why’, but nothing really comes to mind about why that did happen. There wasn’t that much talking throughout this movie as well, mostly just silence and there was very dramatic music that played and makes you very sleepy.

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