Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello, Mrs. Robinson

Robin Jones
English 111

For the movie ‘The Graduate’ this tells a story of how a young man who graduates from college and returns home after a very long time. As he spends his summer at home his parents are constantly bugging him about going to graduate school or deciding about what type of work he may want to do. With all the tension back at home, his parents old time friends come by and they have a get together that has them celebrating his return. At this party an older woman who is also a dear friend to his parents asks to get a ride back to her home. During all this she tries to seduce him with her activities. He tries to avoid making her angry and tries to ignore the actions she is doing. Soon after Mrs. Robinsons’’ husband returns and the boy leaves. This action continues on and on then it became a big deal, by this time they are sleeping with one another and getting hotel rooms to themselves. This has the boy wondering and worried about everything, because his parents are now bugging him about Mrs. Robinson’s daughter who is also returning from school. So as time passes between the both of them, the two go on a date with one another and the mother gets very upset with the boy; this has them in a love triangle that is hard to get out of. Mainly because the mother is black mailing the boy in order for him not to be with her daughter and in the end the boy runs off and goes away with the daughter.
This was a fun movie to watch, mainly because it was ‘up to date’ and there was comedy in it. I enjoyed watching this film because of the entire outline of the movie and how there was a little bit of suspense in it as well. I defiantly would watch this film again, this was a good story to tell and show because this probably does happen out there in the world.

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