Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yummy Cigar!!

Robin Jones
English 111
Ben Villarreal

In the film ‘The Good, the Bad and The Ugly’ which is Directed by Serigo Leone. The film is of three men who go on a treasure hunt together. Tuco, who is known as “the ugly” is friends with “the good” who goes by Blondie. Then later on in the film Angel Eyes who is known as “the Bad” comes to know that the gold that was discovered really belonged to a man named Bill Carson. Blondie leaves his friend Tuco in the desert alone then apparently runs into Bill Carson. Soon Bill dies and Tuco and them are then taken to jail by the Confederate soldiers and at that time Angel Eyes is still on a quest to find that treasure. As this is going on Angel Eyes comes across Tuco and suddenly beats on him for the information about the treasure. From here on everything goes outta place, with the three men holding themselves at gunpoint and asking to dig up the treasure and the other asking for it, but Tuco and Blondie resume their old friendship with one another.
For this film, I had to watch it out of class because I was not able to view it on the dates that were given. This was an ok movie to watch it kept me interested on what was going to happen. However this was a very long film but all in all it’s a good movie to see.

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