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Casablanca, everybody wants out but they all found a way to make living there worth while. While everyone is on the hunt for a way out, letters of transit somehow find a way into Rick's hands. These letters are very important to have to escape the grasp Casablanca has on each of its victims. Having these letters will grant access to leave Casablanca to whomever has them, with no questions asked. To the people of Casablanca, these letters are important, but to the different discourse communities, they are of grave importance.
For Victor to get a hold of these letters, he will be able to leave Casablanca and fulfill his duties in America and finish his work. He will also be able to take his wife Ilsa. Victor's wife, Ilsa wants the letters of transit to give to Victor because she understands his work and knows that it is important for him to get out of Casablanca. Also, she knew that if he stayed in Casablanca any longer, he will die there. Another person, who wanted his hands on the letters were Captain Renault. He knew that if he had the letters, he would gain recognition, but not to mention, he would also be rich and he evolved around that. For Rick to have the letters, all he wanted was the truth. He wanted to know the reason why he was left alone with the letter from Ilsa. He knew he would be the center of attention if he had the letters and also, Ilsa would come his way with an explanation.
In the end, the letters ended up in the hands of the right person. Victor split with Ilsa to continue his great work , Rick found out the real reason he was left alone ,and he and Captain Renault joined a new cause.
These letters were important, not only because they were a way to escape Casablanca, but each person found out more about themselves they never knew existed.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Casablanca is a world of chaos and despair. The letters of transit were the only guarantee to freedom from the Nazi world.

The letter is mearly a piece of paper with writing on it and a signature. It saves the lives of those who have them though. The letters are wanted by many but gotten by few. They cost astronomical amounts of money but people are willing to do whatever they can to get that money.

There were many discourse communities that wanted the letters. The most prominent were Ilsa and Victor. Ilsa would do anything to make sure her husband Victor got out of Casablanca and to America where he would be free from his past. She even tried to convince Rick of her true love for him just to guarantee her Victors safety.

We also saw a young Bulgarian couple that was doing everything in their power to get them as well. Gambling away all their money they had lost hope for escaping. We saw a different side of Rick though as he cheated them to the top of the table just so they could get out of Casablanca before they did anything they would regret.

Another Discourse community that was doing everything to get their hands on these letters were the people selling them. Ugarte was the man who did whatever he could just to get two. Attacking a Nazi officer and stealing them was not above him either. He did just that to obtain the letters that eventually made their way to Ilsa and Victor. They only did so after Ugrate was charged with the murder of the officer whom he stole the letters from though.

The communities would do anything to get the letters.

Murder. Adultery. Gambling.

Nothing was too far to escape Casablanca the only way that people knew how. They need those letters to reach freedom.

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pimpin' in the Black & White

As the movie Casablanca came to an end, there was the Genres of the letters that had valuable information about the Nazis. This information was used to transport others into their own living styles and freedom over in America. With the help of having the use of the letters it was easier for the people in Casablanca to be transported from one place to another. So being that the letters were valuable and meant a lot to most people they tried to keep everything on a low down basis within that time. Using the information on the letters people who had the chance to get a hold of them were very lucky because this gave them the opportunity to start a new life in a whole different place.
The values of the discourse communities were about the Nazis who wanted the letters back that were so valuable to them. During this time the Nazis were in a war and this caused the conflict between other people. So during this time of crisis, there were higher ranked people who wanted in about getting a hold of these letters and also helping out others who needed it as well. In this same time, the story of a woman who tries to help her husband and herself to get out of the country and move onto living a better life for the both of them. I would believe that the Nazis would want these letters back because they feel as though keeping others from having a normal life living, that this would give them a higher feeling of power to them as a country that is at war.
This movie showed a lot about how the lives were between others that includes fatal and emergency crisis and also just the plain old personal problems as well. This movie of Casablanca puts both of these discourse communities in one to show and help others understand the situations that others had during this time.

Casablanca Letters

Casablanca depicts the endurance of many individuals who dream of freedoms beyond the violent world they reside in. The letters of transit plays an important role in the movie because it has the permission from the Nazi officials to escape.
The first discourse community in the film is the overall authority in Casablanca which is the local police and Nazi officials. Their main goal is to control any resistance or resistance leaders from arousing violence. With the assistance of Captain Louis Renault, the Nazi officials are determined to keep Czech Resistance leader Victor Laszlo in Casablanca.
The second discourse community in the film is all the residents of Casablanca who desire to go to America. No individual wishes to be in Casablanca; they all desire and believe in the same perspective, which is to receive a letter of transit and take refuge in America. Figuratively speaking, they all ban together by desiring the same thing and look out for each other’s well being. For example, in the scene where Rich helps the Bulgarian woman and her unlucky husband receive money for their letters of transit further portrays how Casablanca citizens look out for each other.
The letters of transit are extremely valuable to the desperate people of Casablanca because it is their only ticket out of chaos. With a letter, any person is allowed to travel freely around German controlled Europe, to Portugal, and from there to America. The fact that the two German men were murdered by Ugarte for the letters displays how important a safe transit to America really is. Criminals benefit by selling the letters and people are more than willing to purchase no matter what the cost. I think the letters of transit are the most important because it gives the opportunity for resistance leaders like Victor Laszlo a chance for a new life or a new place to further advocate their beliefs.
To conclude, the letters of transit are literally worth everything to both discourse communities; it is a brand new start of a new beginning.

the secret of the letters of transit

In the movie "Casablanca" there are many very important factors that determine what happens to the certain peaople who hiolds these certain things. The most important thing in the movie that the movie revolves around is the letters of transit. The movie is set in the era of World War Two in a town called monocco. Every one there is trying to get their hands on these letters for many important reasons. The letters allow the holder to leave and enter the country without having any kind of problem with the Nazis, Even tho Casablanca is on French territory. The letters in the movie are blank and can be put to anyones name. That is a big reason why so many people want to get these letters, because they are blank and any person can put their names on them.
In the movie there are an assortment of groups after these letters. The nazis are after the letters for many reasons. a big reason is so no one else can leave the country without their concent. Rick wants them so it so he can control them so he can go to america and so his lover can go with him instead of his husband. Laslow wanted them so he can flee to america for the fact that everybody is looking for him because he fled from the concentration camp

"Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life."

My favorite quote from Rick. If it was true that Ilsa was trying to get the letters from Rick so that she and her husband Victor could escape, there was no need for Rick to have said so.

The letters of transit were a kind of legalized certificates that allowed the people who possessed them to leave Casablanca and travel freely. They were priceless to anybody, except for Rick. Victor aspired to acquire those letters so that he and his wife could go to New York. They are endangered here in Casablanca as Victor is a famous Czech Resistance leader and was hunted by the Germans. Without the letters, there was no way the couple could escape to America and that meant death to Victor. Moreover, there is no way he could acquire a normal visa, since the German officers would not allow anybody to sell him one. Also, Ilsa, Victor's wife, wanted the letters badly so that they could escape since she knew how important it was to get Victor out of Casablanca so that he could continue his work. To her, Victor's work was more crucial than herself.

On the other hand, the letters of transit were so attractive to some other people such as Ferrari, Ugarte and the theft who killed the two Germans simply because it is literally priceless. Any of them could make a fortune by selling the letters to the highest bidders. Money was what they needed.

To captain Renault, the letters means he could please Strasser, the German officer coming to Casablanca to watch over Victor. Once Renault had the letter, he could assure Strasser that Victor could never escape to America, and that would satisfy Strasser.

To Rick, the letters seemed to be of no importance initially. Yet, it turned out to be his only chance to discover if Ilsa still loved him and why she left him in Paris. After a few times confronting with Rick, Ilsa finally admitted that she still had feelings for Rick, and she left him in Paris to tend to her ill husband when she heard that Victor was alive. We can see clearly how torn she was when she was with Victor. One may realize that her love for Rick is much stronger than that for Victor, yet she understood that she had a responsibility for Victor and his work. If she let her feelings show, she might affect Victor's decision of leaving and that would do no good to the Czech resistance. Thus, she sacrificed her own love and went to Rick for the letters. However, her love for Rick won, and she decided to let Victor go to America while she stayed in Casablanca with Rick.

Rick, after discovering that Ilsa still loved him, decided to let Ilsa go instead of holding her back with him. That was beneficial for Victor and for the Czech resistance that Rick also support, since Victor could escape and continue his work without being affected by Ilsa's decision. "You're part of his work, the thing that keeps him going." That would benefit Ilsa, too, since she would have a better life with Victor than with Rick himself. He said: "Where I'm going, you can't follow. What I've got to do, you can't be any part of." Deep inside, Rick wanted her to stay. But he knew she belonged with Victor. She was Victor's wife anyway.

In the movie Casablanca the main focus for most characters were attaining papers of transit that would allow a person to leave Casablanca. The reasons to attain these papers were different for all characters. One person who wanted the papers was the head of the police force. The prefect had the right to sign papers and grant permisson to those he wanted to. There were still letters of transit floating around on the black market he wanted to attain. He had two main goals to attain all the papers, one was to whore young beautiful women in exchange for papers. The other was too impress Major Strasser of the Nazi Regime. Strasser wanted to attain the papers of transit because an escaped prisoner of an concetration camp was in town and he would trade those with him for the names of leaders in various underground resistance groups. This was Strassers last chance to apprehend the escapee. The escapee was Victor Lazlo, Lazlo wanted the papers to give hope to all those who were currently in occupied Nazi Regime countries. He was a symbol for the resistance, he also wanted his wife, Ilsa Lund, to be safe in America. Lund needed the papers to make sure her husband was safe and could continue his work in America by writting ant-Nazi pamphlets. She was at odds when it Casablanca because she was with her husband who she loved and would do anything for, literally anything, and the man she lust for, Rick. Rick was the only character who wanted nothing to do with the papers but found himself as the only one who had the papers everyone was looking for. He used these papers to lure the seductive Ilsa Lund over to his place and finally cracked and gave them to her. Rick's desire to keep the papers as long as he did was to find out the answer if Ilsa really loved him.

Escape the Triangles of Casablanca

The letters of transit in Casablanca that everyone wants are like passports to travel. At that time they were needed just to travel across Europe. The general purpose is to travel. The more complex purpose of the letters depends on the person who has them. To most of everyone, the purpose is to get out of Casablanca and escape the invasion.

To everyone in Casablanca, the letters of transit lead to a better life. They may mean an escape to America and from the Nazi’s or more money from selling them. Some need to escape the Nazi’s and some need more money in their pocket. Either way, their value is almost priceless, because people are willing to do anything they can to get their hands on them. The thief who killed two Germans just to steal their letters of transit only does it for the money because he’s just a money loving thief. To the people he’s selling them to, it means everything to them, their life. The only reason he gave up the letters of transit to Rick was because he was going to get arrested and they would no longer hold the value they hold at that point and place in time, he had no more use for them. Rick almost has no use for them except fleeing from the Germans one they come along. But when Ilsa, his lost love comes into his saloon asking for the letters once, then twice, he just wants to help her and her husband Victor get back to America so Victor can help the ant-Nazi party, which Rick is all for. So for Rick and Victor the letters of transit are the beginning of them fighting the Nazi’s power that is reigning over Europe and saving Ilsa. Ilsa just wants to stay loyal to Victor by retrieving the letters from the lover she betrayed, even by threatening to shoot him. Yet she still holds a love for Rick because of their past and considers staying with him or at least pretends to potentially to get a hold of the letters for her and Victor. And once Ricks bar gets shut down, the letters of transit are even more crucial to the love triangle bunch. Escaping to America, the promise land, from the Nazi’s and fighting their power.

The letters of transit are the Nazi’s enemy. The Nazi’s don’t want their prey to get away. They and anyone following the orders of the Nazi party like the Nazi, Major Strasser and the police officer, Captain Louis are there to round up anyone to do with exchanging or possession of those letters. To them, the letters are a threat to their authority. They want to run with the higher power and do so in that manner. Strasser is hunting for Victor because he can’t let him escape the Nazi’s due to his anti-Nazi work he will continue in America if he escapes with the letters. Victor needs those letters to keep him and his wife alive. He was in a concentration camp and doesn’t want Ilsa to have the same fate he once had.

And the Bulgarian woman explains that her and her new husband desperately need to escape to America and need Ricks help doing so, otherwise she would have to perform sexual favors for the officer in order to obtain the letters of transit, which in the end she might have done if it hadn’t been for Rick’s “gambling skills” he uses in sacrifice to help this woman.

"Here's looking at you, kid"

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One genre of the letters of transit is between Rick and Isla. Yes, Isla needs to obtain those letters so her and her husband can escape to Lisbon safely, but she has to go through Rick to get them. This creates major conflict between Rick and Isla by reflecting on their past relationship and why it abruptly ended. Rick obviously still cares for Isla and in the end gives her the letters of transit so she can leave Casablanca with her husband Victor.

Another genre of the letters of transit is between Rick and Captain Renault. Captain Renault continuously asks Rick for the letters of transit because Renault knows that somehow Rick has them. Rick never discloses if he has them or not, but in the end arranges that Renault will be able to charge him on possession of the letters in exchange for releasing Lazlo.

A third genre of the letters of transit is between Rick and Ferrari. Ferrari is Rick’s business rival and continuously asks Rick when he can purchase his café. All Ferrari wants to do is obtain the letters of transit from Rick so he can sell them to the highest bidder.

Rick Blaine, Captain Renault, Isla Lund and Victor Lazlo, and the Nazi officials, are all their own separate discourse communities. The values of Rick are to remain neutral and eventually leave Casablanca. He repeatedly says, “I stick my neck out for nobody.” Rick does not take sides and simply just continues to run his business, “Rick’s Café Amercain.”

The values of Captain Renault are to follow the Nazi’s orders given to him. Captain Renault is after the letters of transit. He does follow what the Nazis say, but in the end we learn that Captain Renault eventually takes sides with Rick to fight against the Nazis.

The values of Isla Lund and Victor Lazlo are to leave Casablanca as soon as possible by obtaining the letters of transit and go to America. However, Isla feigns that she will not leave Rick again and just wants to get Victor out of Casablanca for his own safety. All she really wants are the letters of transit, which Rick has.

The values of the Nazi officials in Casablanca are to make sure that no one leaves without visas. The Nazi officials are also after the letters of transit to capture the murderers. Nazi official, Major Strasser, is to make sure that Victor Lazlo does not leave Casablanca by obtaining the letters of transit.