Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Informative Essay as a Parody Video

Just for fun, this is a video created by a student at UTEP. It achieves almost exactly the same purpose of The Informative Essay our class just wrote but through the genre of a parody video.

So the questions is, which would have rather done, an essay or a video?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. Writing Project 3

To begin Writing Project 3: The Argumentative Essay Case Study centered around the controversy of how the film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was received by film critics, we need to first ask, "What is the purpose of film criticism?" To help us answer this question, we'll start by reading New York Times' A. O. Scott's 2006 editorial "Avast, Me Critics! Ye Kill the Fun: Critics and the Masses Disagree about Film Choices".

Scott emphasizes that there are two types of film critics: professionals (those with formal training who are paid to review films) and consumers (those who watch movies and discuss them afterward). This disconnect seems to create a situation in which the films that experts love do poorly in the box office, while movies that are financial successes are often (again, to the experts) terrible. Scott even raises the question of whether or not his profession has real value as art criticism if the very audience he writes for (the consumer) simply doesn't listen. Finally, he makes it clear that this isn't a new phenomenom.

Address these questions in the comments section below:

1) What would film reviews from each of these discourse communities--professionals and consumers--look like or emphasize? How could each of them be important to society? How could each of them be controversial?

2) Which of the two discourse communities would most influence your decision to see a movie? Why?

3) Does one of these discourse communities seem more important than the other? Why or why not?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Everything is not okay

"The Bicycle Thief" is a very depressing movie, I think. It's like "A wonderful life" without the ending.

It is about a man named Antonio Ricci who starts off the movie and unemployed man in Italy. He soon gets a job that requires a bike. His family is too poor to afford a bike though and they have to sell their valuables in order to get one.

The first day on the job Mr. Ricci is putting up posters and his bike is stolen from him.

With the help of his son he tries the rest of the movie to retrieve his bike from the thief. He has several failed attempts and gets close after chasing the thief back to his home one day. The police show up and he fails to get his bike back once again.

He cannot work with a bike. So desperately he tries to steal one but is caught. He gets chased by a mob of people for the failed thievery. The only reason the crowd stops is because his son is so upset by what he has just seen.

Mr. Ricci and his son walk off without a bike and tears in their eyes.

I just don't understand why a move would apparently have no point. I guess it could be the lesson of just because something happens to you doesn't gave you the right to do the same back.

It really is just so depressing on the last shot though. The two of them are just walking off hand in hand crying. It's just so sad.

It might have to do with the fact that during the time the movie was actually made there was nothing good happening, so why should there be in a movie about the time.

So many movies were being made to get peoples minds off the hard times, so possibly this was just a "everything is not okay" movie.

Either way, I wouldn't watch it again any time soon. maybe after a while of absorbing I would just so I can catch all the parts that make the movie so good. It takes a few times to really have every part sink in and me understand and appreciate movies such as this.

Brianda Calvo

“In search for a bicycle”

It was a family of two the father and a young son. The father worked posting posters around the city and would use his bicycle to work his way around the city. He also dropped his son off every morning at his work putting gas. The bicycle he had was everything to him, it wouldn’t only take him to places and would help him a lot with his job but it was very special to him emotionally. One morning he was doing his same retain, he dropped his son off at work and went to work himself. When he was busy putting a poster up on the wall a young man approached him slowly and quickly took off with his bicycle. The father right away went after him screaming “thief thief” and was helped by no one. He was very upset because they had stolen his bike and couldn’t stop thinking about it on his way for his son. As soon as he got there for him, his son Bruno asked right away “where is the bicycle?” his father just kepped on walking and didn’t want to talk about it. They went to one of the father’s friends and asked for help to see if he could help him recover his bicycle. He wasn’t able to help him at the time but he told home that he would help him out the next day. The next day came and Bruno and his father went to his friend to go try and find the bicycle. They went to a place where they had all kinds of bicycles and anything you needed for a bike. As they looked and looked he couldn’t find his bicycle. They walked and walked, looked around some more and even asked around but there was still no sign of his bicycle. Then as the father was looking around he recognized the person who stole his bicycle and ran after him again screaming “thief thief!” he wasn’t able to catch up to him and lost him once again. The father was really upset because he still couldn’t get his bicycle back. As him and Bruno were walking he recognized the thief again but this time without the bike. He tried to approach him slowly but then the thief took off running. Bruno and his father ran after him and finally caught up to him. The thief denied that he took the bike and the people that lived in that neighborhood were on the thief’s side and were all screaming at Bruno's father to leave him alone and that he was a bad man. Once Bruno saw his father in trouble and that no one was helping him out, he went to call police men himself. When the police men arrived they went up to the thief’s house and searched around but found nothing. The police men weren’t able to help him out because there was no bicycle and the whole neighborhood was against him. Bruno’s father was very upset that the thief wasn’t caught and he still couldn’t find his bicycle. Then Bruno decided to take a quick brake and sat down because he was tired and his father was still mad. He couldn’t stop thinking about his bike. He saw his son that was so tired and he didn’t have much money to spend and get on a bus to go home. He saw his son that couldn’t take it no more he couldn’t give one more step. As he looked around and at his don he took a bad decision and stole a bicycle that was left behind by someone. As soon as he took the bicycle someone ran off after him screaming “thief thief!” and a lot of men started chancing him until he was stopped by all the men trying to catch him. The men were insulting him calling him names and Bruno was trying to get to his father crying and shocked that his father had stolen a bicycle. The man that owned the bicycle let Bruno’s father go but he was left with shame because he was caught and his son saw what he had done.

This is a type of movie I wouldn’t chose to see. I’m the type of person who likes to watch old movies but this one wasn’t the one. The ending wasn’t what I expected but I guess that is what makes a good movie, when the ending is not what you expect.

Ay That fool took My Bicycle

In 1949 money was hard to to come by. So u treasured everything.

Mr. Ricci goes and finds a job,as a poster person . he buys a bike because

that is one of the ways to ride around and post posters. His bike gets stolen. He

gets very worred because he wont be able to to get payed. His son and him end

up for days looking for the bike. They went to a pown street and still could not

find the bike. They did this for days , and then Ricci finds a bike but it isnt his.

He try to stell a that bike and the person who owns that bike a catchs him and

get the hole naibrehood to go after him. Mr. Ricci feels ashamed in front of his on

because his really not that person

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The value of Failure

The Bicycle Thief was a movie I would not suggest the average American viewer to watch. It is an Italian made movie which means all the dialogue is in italian. It is also in black and white which I am not a particular fan of. Putting those two facts about the movie aside why would any movie with such a depressing ending be a hit to the American viewers.
The movie was about a man in the poor working class finally getting a job and needing a bike to do the job. His wife and him sold all that was valuable to them to afford a bike. On the first day of work for the man his bike was stolen and he tried the whole movie to get it back. He seeked the help of a three men who knew where to find stolen bikes, and the help of his son. His son was the only reason why the movie was bearable. His son provided comic relief with his young body but old soul. What i mean by that is the child appeared very young but his vocabulary and mannerisms where that of a man who was the same age as his father. The father somehow sought out the man who stole the bike and his accomplice. After a countless number of failed attempts to attain the thief's address from the accomplice the father bumped into the thief and chased him home. After a dramatic faint from the thief, a mob full of alleged mobsters, a frantic mother, and a policeman the father and his son left empty handed. In a final desperate act of stupidity the father decided to send his son off on a bus ride and steal a bike. The son missed his bus and saw his father being chased by a mob of civilians, eventually being caught and slapped silly. The father was released by the mob due to his son and sent on his way home, empty handed.
The movies ending would not appeal to American viewers due to the fact that their is no happy ending or good moral to be learned. The father looks like a failure in his son's eyes. It leaves the viewers, mainly me, sad and broken hearted. Sad for a son who has a father who just cant catch a break and broken hearted because you just wasted and hour and a half of your life and also a netflix rental.

And I thought I had the worst luck

The bicycle Thief is a movie about a man who has just gotten a job in post war Rome, Italy. There is a problem with the job because he needs a bike, The man owns one but it is in need of repair. He goes home after receiving his job and tells his wife about how he needs his bike fixed and the wife figures out a way to pay for the repairs on the bike, sell all the bed sheets.
The first day on the job the man is posting up posters and as he is doing so a young man sees an opportunity and takes it, the teen steals his needed bicycle. After chasing the boy into the crowd that engulfed the boy. A man lost the thing needed most for his job that he needs to support his family, broken hearted he walks home with his son and sets off to find the bike.
After asking for some help to look for his bike or parts of it in the market. After an unsuccessful search for the bike he catches a glimpse of the boy talking to an old man, him and his son follow. after asking the man receptively about the boy he was talking to the man finally got a street. After a meal and some wine with his son they spot the boy and follow him to his street. This is where the man finds the boy and confronts him asking and pushing him demanding the bike back, the neighborhood gets involved. After being run out of the street the man walks by a stadium where a soccer game is occurring and as the game lets out people grab their bikes and leave home the man sees a bike and attempts to steal it, but is caught quickly. As he is slapped silly some the man who's bike it belonged to decided to let him off the hook. the man walks home that day without a bike needed for his job with his son.
Honestly I enjoyed this movie. The fact that you half expect for him to get his bike and justice would be served he loses everything. Bad sounding? I think not. as depressing a it sounds it has a sense of realism it feels like something that would actually happen in real life. I am going with a sentence that came to my mind after watching this movie. Everything in this world doesn't end with a happy ending.

"I Fell Down!"

Antonio Ricci had indeed fallen down.

Post-World War II with the people of Italy in absolute shambles. Almost everyone was in need of a job, but Antonio Ricci was the one to get it. Unfortunately, the job required a bicycle, which Ricci had just pawned in order to feed his wife and two children. His wife reluctantly pawns the sheets right off of her own bed in order for her husband to buy a bicycle.

The first day on the job proved more difficult than Ricci had anticipated. As he was struggling with the glue and poster a group of guys organized and stole his bicycle. As one made off with his bike, the other threw Ricci off the trail of the perpatrator. Horrified and distraught Ricci goes to the police and reports his bicycle stolen. The police were of no help at all and told Ricci that it was his responsibility to find his own bike. The next day he and his son, Bruno, and a few friends set off to find the bike. That proved difficult due to the tremendous amount of bicycles that were in the market.

Eventually Bruno and his dad were able to catch up with the thief. The thief proclaimed his innocence and his neighborhood attested Ricci's allegation. Bruno ran and got an officer just in time. The gathering crowd started to become increasingly aggressive. To Ricci's dismay, when the officer arrived he was unable to provide any justice for Ricci.

Ricci and Bruno then made their way to a soccer game, futball, that was being held in an enormous stadium. There were a tremendous amount of bicycles clustered in a designated parking area. Singled out in an nearby alley, was a bicycle in the entrance of an apartment. Ricci then began contemplating on whether or not to steal the bicycle. Pacing back and forth for over a minute, he finally decided to execute his need for a bicycle. He sent his son to get on the Metro and meet him nearby. Ricci swiftly moves towards and straddles the bike. As he makes off with it, the owner of the bicycle begins chasing him. As he makes his way through the crowd of the emptying stadium, others began to chase him along with the owner. They finally catch up to him and pull him off the bike, exclaiming their frustrations of his thievery. His son missed the Metro, and witnessed the crowd around his father verbally and physically punishing him. The owner of the bicycle observes how distraught Ricci and his son were, and tells the crowd "Just leave him be, he has enough problems as it is."

Ricci and Bruno began to walk home hand in hand with tears streaming down their faces, without their dignity, integrity, pride, and without a bicycle.

Overall, I think this was an amazing movie because unlike Citizen Kane and Apocalypse Now, it had my attention. I was easily able to empathize with Ricci's situation. I enjoyed the irony through the whole movie. Ironically, he lost his job that the fortune-teller told his wife he would get. Maybe if Ricci would have allowed his wife to pay the fortune-teller the money she owed her, karma wouldn't have made its way back to him. Even more ironic, was how so many people had helped the owner of the bicycle Ricci stole from, and how nobody had helped Ricci when it was his bicycle that was stolen. I just absolutely loved Bruno. He was an amazingly brave little boy, who would follow his father to the end of the world. He loved and idolized his father and valued the relationship that they had.

Another amazing aspect of the movie was it being in Italian. I thoroughly enjoyed the Italian, it is most definitely a romance language. I had no problem having to read the subtitles through the entire movie, I even do that when it's in English. I felt like I could familiarize myself with the Italian because it is so closely related to Spanish, which I kind of have an understanding of. Before this movie I hadn't realized how similar the two languages are.

No bicicletta, senza lavoro!

Nicole McBride

English 111 1230

Mr. Villarreal

The Bicycle Thief tells the story of Italian Antonio Ricci who just wants a job to support his wife and two children and will go great lengths to get one. Living in post WWII Rome, finding a job comes with great difficulty until Ricci gets a job but has to have a bicycle. Ricci and his family are then forced to pawn off their bed sheets to purchase a bicycle. On Ricci’s first day of work, his bicycle is stolen. Ricci and his friends set off on the streets of Rome to find the thief only to be out of luck. They give up after hours of looking and the police didn’t even take the theft seriously. So desperate to find his bike, Ricci visits the fortune teller he mocked because his wife visited her to see if he would even get a job. He is told that he will either find the bike soon or not at all.

Ricci finds the boy who stole his bike and confronts him. The boy denies committing the crime and the police tell Ricci that they cannot help him because he did not catch the boy red-handed. Ricci is now at a loss of all hope to support his family. As Ricci looks upon rows and rows of bicycles outside a football game, he ponders on stealing a bicycle for himself. Walking past an apartment, he steals a bicycle. Ironically, he is seen stealing the bicycle. The owner does not press charges because he sees how upset this situation makes Ricci’s son. The film ends with Ricci and his son holding hands in tears with probably the thought of where they will get their next meal from.

I think that The Bicycle Thief demonstrates the real life of an average Italian during the post WWII era. All Ricci wants is a job and so does everyone else in Rome. Therefore, any job is a job. I like how the film demonstrated the continuing cycle of theft. Ricci’s bicycle was stolen probably by a poor person who needed it for a job too. Motivated by desperation, Ricci steals a bicycle himself. His bike was stolen, so he stole a bike; he continues the cycle. I also like the irony demonstrated when Ricci got caught stealing the bicycle. No one could do anything when he caught the person who stole his bicycle, but when he tries to steal one he gets caught. Overall, The Bicycle Thief was a slightly heartbreaking movie that I can appreciate.

"Great Example You're Setting for Your Kid"

The movie "The Bicycle Thief" in my opinion is an ok movie. It was definately better than the movie I had to watch last week. The movie tells a story of an unemployed man named Ricci who finally gets a job as a person who puts posters up. Not everyone can do this job, you have to first of all be chosen and second of all you have to have a bicycle. Ricci had a bike but it was broken so his family had to sell some things in order for them to buy a new bike for his new job. Everything is going beyond dandy for Ricci and his family, he finally got a job and everything is good. While on the job he has his back turned to the bicycle and some guy thinks on his feet and steals Ricci's bike. He chases him but his effors are futile, and the thief get away.

Throughout the film it shows all his attempts and failures at retreiving his bike and catching the thief. The day after his bike gets stolen he goes to all the places where they sell bike parts to see if someone is trying to sell his parts. At one of the places he sees the thief on the bike talking to an elderly man, so he chases him into a church and makes a huge comotion in the church. No matter how hard he tried to keep the old man from ditching him he does end up getting away. Ricci gets angry and strikes his son. He sees the original bike thief and tries to get him to confess but just about gets gang beat by everybody in that neighborhood. As he walks away from the neighborhood all bummed out he sees alot of bikes and a random bike in front of a building. he contemplates stealing it. He finally gets enough courage to steal it and to his luck he gets caught. He doesn't find his bike and gets humiliated in front of his kid. One of the individuals there says "Great Example You're Setting for Your Kid"

Do you wanna go get a pizza?

This was a sweet and heartbreaking movie. A poor man and his loving family are living in the ragged aftermath of World War II in a Roman town. The father, Antonio is offered a good paying job, requiring a bicycle, which he does not have, nor can he afford. Without a bike, Antonio won’t be able to feed his family. His wife sells the sheets off their own bed to pay for a bike. Happy and on the job, someone runs off with his new bike on the first day. The devastated father and his witty little son go all over town and try their hardest to find the stolen bike. After so many sparks of hope then failure in finding his bike and the thief, Antonio and his boy are exhausted. Antonio ends up stealing a bike, gets caught, and then let free. The movie ends with a hopeless father and son walking off into the crowd of people on the street, not knowing what they’ll do or how they’ll get by.

Overall, I really did like the movie. It was a good but sad story that had its random funny parts. At first it seemed a little ridiculous, but in the end I can appreciate the movie. I like hearing Italians talk; it makes me think of Italian food and that in turn makes me hungry. I love when Antonio and Bruno go to get pizza and Antonio’s just like screw it lets get drunk, definitely my favorite part that I can relate to. That really made me hungry. It was their last little hurrah of splurging on awesome food at a fancy restaurant after a so much rejection. All the little things about the movie made it great. Now I want some pizza!

Who Stole My Bike?

Antonio Ricci, an unemployed guy who finally gets a job that he needed. His job is to hang posters around town and this requires a bike. He and his family live in poverty and are doing all they can to get by. Until Antonio finally gets the job, there's only one problem, he needs a bike. He tells his wife about the problem and she gets the sheets that they have and turns it in to get the bike he needs for his job. All is well and everybody is happy until his first day on the job turns into a wreck. While he was doing his job, he gets his bike stolen. He chases the thief, but does not catch him. Then, he goes to the police, but they are no help at all, so he goes on his own voyage to find his stolen bike. He, his son and his friends go to the bike market to search for his stolen bike, but they come up empty-handed.
Soon after, Antonio and his son, Bruno, continue the search on their own and soon find themselves searching everywhere. They find the thief, but don't catch him because he once again gets away with the bike. They get a lead on who the boy is, but when they confront him, there is no bike. As Antonio becomes desperate to find his bike, he makes a decision that he was unsure of. He decides to steal another bike, but in this process, he gets caught by the owner and is almost taken to jail. By looking at him, the owner of the bike felt sorry and let him go. Left heartbroken because he didn't find his bike, he and his son walk away sad and miserable.

I thought it was a pretty decent movie. The plot was very predictable and I think the ending could've been a whole lot better. But the characters were great, his son Bruno was like a little man and he knew how to act the part of a tough little boy. Throughout the movie, Bruno and his father created a stronger bond with each other, even thought they didn't find the bike. Although the movie was subtitled, the Italian made it a better movie. If it was in English, I don't think it would've been any better.