Sunday, November 7, 2010

"After a meal there's nothing like a good cigar."

Nicole McBride
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Ben Villarreal

In the film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly directed by Sergio Leone tells the story of three men who basically go on a simple treasure hunt. Tuco, “the Ugly,” is friends with Blondie, “the Good,” who later turns against Tuco because of the gold treasure. Angel Eyes, “the Bad,” learns about the possession of the gold belonging to a man named Bill Carson and sets off to find it.

Blondie leaves his and Tuco’s friendship behind and goes on to torture Tuco by abandoning him in the desert. Tuco of course seeks revenge on Blondie, but in the process runs into Bill Carson. Tuco gets persuaded to do something for Bill in exchange for the location of the treasure. Bill dies while Tuco is doing his favor, but reveals the location of the treasure to Blondie.

By now, Tuco and Blondie are impersonating Confederate soldiers and Blondie is near death. So, Tuco takes him to recover at his brother’s religious mission and they are captured because they are impersonating Confederate soldiers. They are taken to a Union prison camp. Meanwhile, Angel Eyes is still on the mission of the treasure.

Angel Eyes runs into Tuco and beats him up for the information he believes he has about the treasure. Angel Eyes then learns he knows nothing and Blondie knows all. Blondie and Tuco resume their old friendship and decide to team up and get the treasure before Angel Eyes does.

All three men arrive at the graveyard of where the treasure is located and of course conflict arises. The men hold each other at gunpoint for information of the treasure. Blondie shoots Angel Eyes and Tuco shoots Blondie only to see that his gun was emptied by Blondie the previous night. Blondie tricks Tuco into digging up the treasure for him and then ties him up and runs away with it. Strangely, as Blondie rides off he shoots Tuco down from being tied up.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was an alright movie in my opinion. It was really long. I do appreciate Sergio Leone’s director style though. I appreciate it in that his effective use of the whistle is pretty legendary. The close ups in the movie are impressive. I would rather not watch this movie again. I wouldn’t because I remember watching it all the time as a kid because my dad believes it to be the best movie ever made so he made us watch it all the time.

"What's his name? Lee! LEE!"

"The good, the bad and the ugly" tells the story of three men shooting their ways to find the Confederate money. They are Angel Eyes - an assassin, Blondie - a mysterious sharp shooter and Tuco - a Mexican bandit. Blondie and Tuco cooperate and split the reward for Tuco's head until Tuco's value no longer appreciate. Blondie abandons Tuco alone in the desert, taking the money and getting away, leaving Tuco to make his own way back to town. While Tuco attempts to take revenge on Blondie, they both find themselves keeping two part of the puzzle that leads them to the gold. Angel Eyes, at the same time, finds out about the money and set off. When they accidentally meet in a military camp, Angel Eyes tortures Tuco to extract the information and takes Blondie with him to find the treasure in some graveyard. Tuco and Blondie team up to prevent Angel Eyes from getting to the graveyard. Yet, in the end, he makes it to the site and a gun fight happens. Blondie kills Angel Eyes, takes half of the money and deserts Tuco, again, with the other half of the gold.

"The good, the bad and the ugly" is the epitome of Spaghetti Western, a genre of movies directed in Italia and Spain in the sixties. The superb music by Ennio Morricone is the highlight of the movie, with its simple yet extremely tense melodies. Together with the closeup shot at each character's eyes, the music creates a creepy suspense each and every time something is about to happen. Although Clint East Wood basically does nothing but frown, his character is well portrayed. He is still a badass despite his being The good, since he kills so many people. The character Tuco is the most well acted protagonist in the film. The actor, Eli Wallach, succeeds in depicting a dumb and funny yet emotional Mexican bandit in such a natural way that the audience is most attracted to him and even develop a sympathy with the character.

Dual for Gold

The movie, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, is about three men-Blondie, Tuco, and Angel Eyes. Blondie, which is the good, is a gunslinger looking for a few bucks. Tuco, which is the ugly, is a wanted criminal always on the run and always in hiding to save himself. Angel Eyes, which is the bad, is a hit man that is always committed to a task given to him. Blondie and Tuco have a partnership to make money off of Tuco’s bounty; Blondie turns Tuco into the authorities, receives the reward, and when Tuco is being hung Blondie helps him escape. When Blondie unties the partnership and leaves Tuco for dead, Tuco pursues Blondie in revenge. Tuco eventually finds Blondie and forces him to walk miles without water in the desert. They come across a wagon full of dead soldiers. A man named Bill Carson, whom Angel Eyes is hunting, is the only survivor. He tells Tuco that $200,000 worth of gold is buried in a cemetery, while he tells Blondie what name the grave is located under. Again, both men are in a partnership to gain riches. Their quest to get gold is filled with adventure; they are captured twice by soldiers because they impersonated soldiers, and that’s where they encounter Angel Eyes. Tuco is posing as Bill Carson, Angel Eyes forces him to talk of where the gold is by inflicting physical pain. Angel Eyes finds out where the gold is located, but needs to know what name the grave is under, so he attempts to befriend Blondie by promising half of the fortune. In the end, they find the cemetery, but the grave that Blondie named is filled with nothing but a skeleton. So, Blondie suggests a solution-a dual between the three men. The dual is intense; Blondie shoots and kills Angel Eyes, but Tuco’s gun is not loaded so he lives. Blondie then forces Tuco to dig an unknown grave at gunpoint, where they find the gold. Blondie forces Tuco to stick his head in a noose while standing on a so-called wooden tombstone, then he rides off with half of the gold leaving him for dead. Tuco is panicking and screaming for Blondie to return. In a distance, Blondie shoots the rope releasing Tuco, just like he used to do in the partnership they once shared.

Gold will attract the good men, the bad men, and of course the ugly men. The movie was fantastic. I have only seen the ending before, but watching the entire film was totally awesome and completely worth it. The overall story was simply genius; a movie with a good and bad guy is classic, but involving an ugly guy is humorous. The dual between the three men was so intense, it kept me on the edge of my seat and my mind was constantly thinking when is the bad guy going to die. The performance of the actors was amazing; my favorites were Blondie and Tuco because they unconsciously have a love hate relationship. I enjoyed the movie so much, I give it two big thumbs up.

"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig."

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly… a strong willed gunman, a greedy hit man, and a Mexican bandit out in the Wild West. Blondie, the skilled gunman makes friends with a wanted bandit named Tuco, with whom he turns in and splits the reward with. After Tuco is no longer worth so much, Blondie decides to leave Tuco to hold his own out in the desert which makes Tuco full of revenge. Angel Eyes is the hit man looking for Bill Carson, a man who has hidden $200,000 worth of gold. When traveling through the desert, Tuco and Blondie run into a buggy full of dead bodies where one is still holding onto life and has a secret to tell about some gold buried in a cemetery. Tuco only heard the name of the cemetery and Blondie heard the name of the grave. So they have to keep each other alive to get to the gold. The good kills the bad but leaves the ugly in the dust. But as always, Blondie splits the worth with the ugly.

I thought this was an awesome movie. I totally love the music, love Clint Eastwood and his amazing hair and just overall loved all the actors. I can definitely see why this is a classic. It had amazing suspense that kept my eyes glued to the screen. It made me really hungry too. I never knew what they were eating but I wanted some. I was never into western movies, but now I want to see more. It was just a classic “badass” movie.

A Battle To A Destination...

The good, the bad and the ugly were three characters who were interested in money and wanted to get gold that was hidden by Bill Carson in a cemetery called Sad Hill. These characters were Blondie, Angel eyes and Tuco. Tuco and Blondie new each other because Tuco was wanted in many states and Blondie would turned him in to the authorities and get the reward that he was worth. When Tuco was turned in he would get hanged by a rope but Blondie would save him every time by shooting a bullet through the rope and split 40-60 with Tuco. Blondie didn't want to work with Tuco anymore and left Tuco in the middle of nowhere after he saved him for the last time. Tuco and Blondie were back together but Tuco wanted to get revenge on Blondie by crossing the hardest hot hill and without giving him any water. After he saw that Blondie couldn't walk anymore and fell on the ground he stopped, as he stopped he saw a couple horses pulling a carriage. When he was going through the dead men’s stuff in the carriage he finds out that a Bill Carson is in the carriage and is dying. Bill Carson tells Tuco where the 200,000 Dollars worth of gold were located at but he needed water and it was getting hard for him to talk. Tuco runs to get Carson some water, when he got back Carson was dead already. Locally Blondie was there and was able to get the name of the grave that the gold was located at, but Blondie was not in good conditions and was dying. That’s when Tuco realized that he had to do everything to keep Blondie alive so he could tell him the name of the grave. Once Blondie got better they had to face many obstacles to get to their destination because they were not the only ones who wanted the gold. once they got to the Sad Hill Tuco thought he had found the grave and was digging up to find the gold when Angel Eyes caught up to them and wanted to get the gold all to himself and kill Blondie and Tuco. Blondie had the idea to battle for the gold once everyone agreed and was ready to shoot, they all tried t take a shot and Blondie killed Angel Eyes and took Tucos bullets the night before. Blondie and Tuco dug up the gold and Blondie hung Tuco from a rope took fifty percent of the gold and left Tuco hanging from the rope along with the other half of the gold. When he was riding off with his horse and Tuco was hanging, Blondie turned around and shot a bullet through the rope like old times.

This movie was interesting to me; I liked the music in the movie and the story of the movie. The only thing that I didn’t like was that it was a little too long. But other than that it was a good movie.

The Battle of Wits

In the movie, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", the weird freindship between Tuco and Blondie led them to turn on each other, but they needed one another once Tuco found out about the $200,000 dollars worth of gold. This all happened when Tuco was Torturing Blondie by making him walk through the burning hot desert without water, shade and rest, all while Tuco was riding atop a horse, with shade and water. They happened to find Confederates who were ambushed and one of the guys, Bill Carson, had hid gold in a place only he knew, but he only had seconds to live. Tuco tried to get all the information he could out of him, but only got the place where he had hid the gold which was Sad Hill. On the other hand, Blondie might have been on the verge of dying, but he got the name of the tombstone in which he had buried the gold. So the differences they had was all in the past now because Tuco needed the name, so he did all he could to make sure Blondie lives. These two have a very weird relationship, but in the end getting 50-50 of the cut is what matters the most. They go through a series of misfortune to get to Sad Hill, but in the end they finally get to the place they had so much trouble getting to. In the end, they run into Angel Eyes, who is also looking to get the gold. This leads to the three of them having a showdown and whoever wins gets the gold. Blondie kills Angel Eyes, while Tuco is left vulnerable because Blondie had taken his bullets the night before. They find the gold and split it between the two, but Blondie tells Tuco to put the lasso on and try not to hang himself. But just like the movie started, Blondie shoots the rope before Tuco dangles on the rope.

From start to finish, this movie was interesting and full of action. The tension that built up between the characters only left me thinking what was going to happen next and kept me hooked throughout the whole movie. This was a great movie with great music throughout.