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2001: An Acid Trip

2001: A Space Odyssey is frankly one of the worst movies ever made, EVER. I watched the whole movie and dont know what it was about. It starts out with some crazy chimps freaking out and discovering weapons. the monkey go ape shit, no pun inteded, on another one and kill him,a weird huge domino looking thing shows up. througho out the movie the computer tries killing everyone because it knows its going to get shut down. After it kills just about everyone it goes into 30 mins of shiny lights and sounds. then a baby shows up. Whats tht mean? You got me.

If i Was anything less than sober i might have mayb kinda not really enjoyed this movie. This movie sucked more than my last writing project. It was mayb cause I didnt understand it and everything was left for interpretation. well my final verdict is that this movie sucks more than a kirby vaccum. Though it was well shot and the special effects for its time were good

Hunger for Horror Films

Robin Jones
English 111

This article by Stephen King Cultural Studies "Why We Crave Horror Movies" is about how people are appointed to horror films in a way that we may see as being to obvious. Horror movies have a different effect on people the way they give off messages and a fear feeling throughout your mind and body. This article also breaks down how the horror films are and the way the audience may view this type of genre. The emotion and thoughts that are put into them such as giving examples between a reality type of change compared to a screen played out scene.
This article fits the movie "Psycho" well, because this allows the audience to see different points on why they watched this film. Seeing it as why they may have enjoyed this film or simply watching it for the love of horror films. This artilce is brought together quite well, because this brings in points that are on topic about most horror films and the way others may look at it. Taking it back to into history and bringing up details about ancient horror history.

Finish HIM!!!

The movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a story of boy meets girls and falls in love, but she has luggage he must deal with. Scott Pilgrim is a 22-year-old bass player living in Toronto, Canada. He is dating a high school girl named Knives Chau, whom because of her he receives constant disapproval. Unfortunately, Scott is still recovering from a bad break up with his old rock star girlfriend. At a party, Scott meets a mysterious girl with colorful hair named Ramona, he falls head over heels. He faces his fears and asks Ramona to ‘hang out’, she agrees. When their relationship starts to become serious, he can no longer juggle both girls, so he dumps Knives. Everything appears great, but he is surprisingly attacked by Ramona’s first ex boyfriend. After defeating him, Scott learns that a league of Ramona’s exes will pursue and attempt to destroy him. Scott has a challenge of defeating the next five exes, and wonders if Ramona is worth it and whether or not he can trust her with his heart. Then, Gideon, Ramona’s last boyfriend who she was running away from, steals her from Scott before he can truly win her heart. Scott had to do some important thinking, he decided to defeat Gideon because Ramona was worth and he wanted to prove that he was the better guy. He fights Gideon only to be killed, but he gained an extra life when fighting the other exes. So, Scott gets a chance to redo everything, only this time he does not fight Gideon for Ramona, but because he realized his self worth. Scott, with the help of Knives, defeats Gideon. In the end, Ramona decides that she must leave because she caused too much trouble; Scott joins her because his love for her is strong.

The movie was totally interesting and humorous. I liked the fact that it portrayed the awkwardness of a teenager’s life, the confusion of love, willingness to approve of another’s luggage, and realizing one’s self worth. Michael Cera fighting and defeating seven evil exes was surprising, he appears so weak and dorky you just do not expect it at all. My favorite part from the movie was when Thomas Jane appeared as vegan police and said, “Milk and eggs, bitch.” I enjoyed the movie so much; I do not know why film critics cannot just appreciate it for what it was-funny.

1969 Acid Trip

The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey is basically a movie about evolution involving a mysterious monolith (large monument or stone). It begins during the dawn of men, which of course are apes instead of men. There are two rival groups of apes that fight over a waterhole. One day, a black monolith making a humming sound appears and the leader of one of the groups fearlessly touches the monolith. Later, the apes are scavenging for food and the leader discovers he can use the dead animal’s bones as a weapon. With this new invention, the group of apes threatens and kills the less intelligent group of apes because they desired the waterhole. This portrays the apes slowly advancing from a mere less intelligent humanity.

Now, the film occurs in a completely different scene, which is a shuttle orbiting a thousand miles from Earth. The futuristic shuttle is filled with portable food and zero gravity toilets. Dr. Floyd is awaiting his destination to the moon to investigate a second monolith that has been discovered; upon waiting he has brief conversations with some scientists. Then, Dr. Floyd and other people take a so-called moon bus from the shuttle to the moon in order to investigate the monolith. They dock from the bus and walk to the site where the monolith is located wearing space suits. The monolith is inside a pit in the ground; the men enter the pit and surround the humming monolith. Dr. Floyd fearlessly touches it. Then when the sun rises hitting the monolith, a loud screeching noise is heard and stuns the men.

Again, the film is in a completely different scene. Frank Poole, Dave Bowman, and an extremely intelligent talking computer who is capable of expressing emotions named HAL are on a mission to Jupiter in a spaceship. There are three other astronauts hibernating in the spaceship as well. During the mission, Frank and Dave discover that some unit out of the spaceship has failed, so with a space pod, they exit the ship and attempt to fix the unit. When they cannot fix it, they return inside the ship and discuss HAL’s possible malfunctions in a sound proof pod. Unfortunately HAL can read lips, so he fears for his so-called life. Again, Frank attempts to fix the unit, but HAL takes control of the pod and uses it to attack. Frank’s oxygen line is disconnected leaving him to float helplessly in space to die. While Dave is trying to save Frank, HAL kills the three hibernating astronauts by cutting their life support. Realizing that HAL is dangerous, Dave discounts his ‘brain’.

After the malfunction of HAL, Dave continues the mission alone. He leaves the spaceship in a pod to pursue the monolith. The pod and Dave are sucked into some kind of canal of colorful lights throughout space at an extremely fast speed. Then, all of a sudden, the pod and Dave are in a room. Dave is no longer young, but old with wrinkles and white hair. He sees himself slowly dying and the black monolith appears at the edge of his bed as he dies. In the bed where Dave’s dead body was now lies a fetus where Dave will be reborn again.

I honestly thought the movie was extremely weird, but made some sense as well. Our humanity still has not discovered what is beyond the solar system, but since technology is slowly advancing like in the movie, maybe one day we will finally find out. The monolith gave intelligence to the humans, maybe something in our world is also placed here to help us advance but we have not found it yet. The movie made me curious of whether or not another intelligent life form is helping us expand. I thought the character of HAL was great. He is just like a normal person, but who is a genius and has a devious side to him as well. The movie portrayed a man vs. robot plot amazingly; I assume HAL might have been the precedent of bad robots to follow in other movies. Overall, I considered the movie to be very confusing and appreciative, but it is also a movie I can only watch once in a life time.


2001: A space Odyssey is a movie that starts with mankind and then it goes into the future. A group of apes is in the middle of the desert and then an ape is killed by a leopard. As another group of apes takes over their water hole, the group sees a big black stone and they touch it. As soon as one of the apes touched the stone, it gave him the power to use a bone to use as a weapon and protect himself. As he realized that he can protect himself with the bone, he then kills the leader of the other group who took their water hole. As the ape kills the other ape the movie then changes into the future in space. Then the same big black stone was found 4000 years later on the planet and every time the stone was toughed a lot of weird things happened. Then an astronaut name Dave and his partner and a computer system name Hal are on a mission to go to Jupiter. His partner gets murdered by the computer system Hal and Dave realizes that he needed to shut Hal down and take all her memory to continue this mission. As he shuts down Hal he sees another black stone and find hi self in another period of time where he is at his oldest age. He then sees the stone again, touches it and finds himself as a fetus in space.

This was an interesting movie, not a movie I would go see on my own but it was okay. The apes were very weird but cool at the same time. I was confused on parts of the movie. There was not a lot of dialogue in this movie but it wasn’t too bad.

Game time!

Scoot Pilgrim versus the world was a movie about a boy who played in a bad and he was dating a 17 year old Asian girl who really liked him named Knives Chow. Then one day he has a dream about a girl, who he really wants to meet. Scott goes around asking people if they have seen a girl like the one he saw in his dreams and finds out she is one a bas ass girl. He goes to a party and finally talks to her, but talks to her like a total nerd that even Ramona didn’t even want to talk to him. When Scott finally gets to talk to Ramona and actually date her he finds out that she comes with a package, her 7 evil exes. Scott has to defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes in order to be able to date her. When Scott is fighting her last evil boyfriend, Knives Scotts ex girlfriend tries to defeat Ramona for taking Scott from her. As Scott if fighting he is having some problems defeating him. Then Knives realize that he needed help. Knives and Scott start fighting him as a team and defeated him. At the end of the movie Scott has a choice to go with Knives or Ramona, but Knives told Scott to go with Ramona, she was what made Scott really happy.

Scott Pilgrim versus the world was a good movie. I really liked this movie and I totally disagree with the critics. This movie was like a game but it was not a bad movie at all. The movie had me laughing the whole time and I couldn’t turn away. I would go watch this movie again and I would take my family to go see it.

The Common Response to "2001: A Space Odyssey"

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"I'm in lesbians with you."

Scott Pilgrim is a lost 22 year old Canadian boy who plays in an indie rock band and dates a 17 year old Chinese girl named Knives Chow. All of the sudden, Scott meets the girl of his dreams, literally, and life as he knows it becomes a battle for love. Her name is Ramona Flowers and she is known around town for being a totally badass chick from America. Meanwhile, Knives is falling in love with Scott, who’s fallen for Flowers, who wants Scott too. But, before Scott can achieve his dream girl, he must defeat her 7 evil exes and life turns into Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

I laughed almost every 5 seconds of this movie, it was amazing and hilarious. I think I’m in love with this movie, it was just badass. I love the videogame plot and aspect of it. Everything about the movie was awesome. I loved all the characters, Kulkin was a hilarious gay roommate. Scott’s band was actually really kickass, if they were a real band they’d be on my faves list. I loved it when the first ex performs his little song and dance. The special effects rocked my world, and so did this movie. K.O!

So this is the movie where all that epic music is from.

2001: A Space Odyssey is a science fiction film that tells a tale from the beginning of mankind to way into the future. The film starts off in a desert with a tribe of apes. A leopard kills one of the apes and another tribe of apes takes over the existing tribe's water hole. The tribe then sees a tall black stone and cautiously touch it. The stone appears to give one of the apes the power to use a bone as a tool and weapon. The ape that touched the stone then kills the other tribe's leader that took their water hole. The scene then changes way into the future in space. This same tall black stone is found 4000 years later on a planet. After interaction with the stone, weird things happen. Dave, an astronaut, is on his ship with his partner and the computer system named Hal. They are a mission to Jupiter. Dave starts to realize the controlling acts of Hal. After his partner is murdered by Hal, Dave realizes that he needs to shut down Hal. Dave is successful in dismembering Hal's memory and after he does a video plays saying that the unexplained black stone is aimed at Jupiter which is where he is headed. Dave orbits another mysterious black tone as he orbits Jupiter. Dave then sees himself at different stages of age of himself in the future. As he sees himself in his oldest age, there is another black stone. He goes to touch it and it ends the movie with him as fetus gazing at Earth from space.

Okay, this movie was so weird. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a movie I will probably not watch again, but it nice to know to the origin of all that popular music. Nice to know what movie it all came from. There wasn't much dialogue in the movie, which was nice because usually in its place intense music was playing. The beginning of the movie was pretty cool because the apes looked real freaky. When people are playing monkeys it always weirds me out. Overall, I guess I can see why this movie is considered to be epic because of how accurate some of technology was about the future. Like the video calls, we have those now. Also, the music too, definitely epic.

Space Trippin'

2001: A Space Odyssey, a movie that shows the evolution of mankind and technology since the dawn of man. During the dawn of man, a group of ape men discovered a tall object sticking out of the ground. That discovery led to more discoveries for man. It’s when man discovered how to use weapons to harm others. Before their new technology was discovered, life was simple. Now it is the year 2001 and Dave is on a mission through space, to Jupiter in order to check out another object sticking out of the ground similar to the one discovered so long ago. Halfway through the Odyssey, Hal, the computer system, turns on Dave and things only get worse for him from then on.

Wow, I was not ready for this movie! I honestly did not know what was going on for like 40% of this movie. I thought it was pretty cool though. It’s a movie I wish I understood. I definitely had to do some research afterwards, so now I have some understanding. There was very little dialogue, but when people were having a conversation, I had no idea what they were talking about. All I know is, those ape men had some awesome angry dancing skills, the special effects were amazing, zero gravity rocks, Hal sucks, and Dave went on a hardcore space trip.

Screensaver movie.

2001: A Space Odyssey starts with the scene of a tribe of ape-men living by a puddle of water. A leopard kills one of them and chases the rest away. The next day the tribe comes back to the puddle only to find that their puddle is now occupied by another tribe of ape-men. After one of the monkey touched a mysterious monolith, he becomes aware of the use of a bone as a weapon. He then kills the leader of the other tribe and regain the ownership of the puddle to his own tribe. Four thousand years later, people find that same monolith on the moon. Some time later, the monitoring computer in a spaceship in Jupiter finds an abnormal fault in the antenna. It turns out to be a system error and there is actually no fault. Yet, the astronauts start to notice the strange attitude of the modern computer and plan to disconnect it for safety reason. Before they can even do that, the computer manipulates the system and kills one of the astronauts while he is in space. Dave, the only astronaut who is still alive by then, decides to go to the computer's memory core and clears all of its memory. Upon finishing, he finds a video message about the mysterious black monolith. Dave then encounters the monolith and after a bright and colorful journey, arrives in a room. There he sees himself growing older and finally transform into a fetus form floating in space.

I am not a big fan of this movie. Even though the special effects - the highlights of the movie - are spectacular with the astronauts floating like in real space and the ape-men looking so real, the plot is not interesting. Even though it may be mysterious in the first few scene where the black monolith suddenly appears out of nowhere, it loses people's attention and interest as the movie continue. The dialogue is not that spectacular and natural, especially in the dialogue between Dave and the other astronaut in the C-pod. The music is entertaining at first, with classical music such as "On The Beautiful Blue Danube" at the beginning of the movie. Yet, somehow the rest of the music is not a suitable choice for the movie. It somewhat dramatizes the movie in an exaggerated manner. Moreover, the ending is neither mysterious nor mind intriguing. After the screensaver scenes I was hoping for an explosion or at least something entertaining. Plus, the voice of the computer namely Hal is disturbing to the max.

"I don't want you gaying up the place."

Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is typical guy chases girl love story, but with video game adaptations. Main character Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera, is a 22 year old who is in a band called Sex Bob-ombs. Even though he is not over his previous relationship with now music sensation Envy, Scott is dating Knives Chau who is a 17 year old high schooler. Envy used to be in the band, but left to advance in her music career. It is obvious that Scott is unhappy with Knives however that changes when he dreams of a pink haired girl. He sees this pink haired girl at a party and goes head over heels for her. He learns that her name is Ramona Flowers. Scott does whatever he can to see Ramona again and starts to second guess his relationship with Knives. Scott and Ramona go on a date and in the morning Ramona gives Scott her number but with seven odd "x's" underneath it. Scott invites Ramona to his band's performance in Battle of the Bands where Ramona and Knives have an awkward confrontation. As the Sex Bob-ombs are performing, a guy flies through the air and onto the stage disrupting their performance. Scott learns that this is one of the seven of Ramona evil exes and he must defeat him in order to be with her. This is what those seven "x's" underneath her number pertained to. Scott defeats evil ex number one and continues on to defeat evil ex number two. Scott is successful in defeating all the exes except when he gets to evil ex number seven. He does defeat him and now should be able to be with Ramona, however, she doesn't want to be with him because she sees Knives and him getting along so well. In the end, Ramona and Scott do get together because she realized all she did for him and she is the girl of his dreams.

I was so ready to watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World because after reading so many peoples reviews of the movie and not knowing what they were talking about, it was quite a relief. I now kind of have to side with some of the film critics in that the movie did kind of drag on. The point was definitely made that there was seven evil exes and Scott had to defeat them all. However, I did love all the video game aspects of the movie. I have to disagree with some of the critics in that is was annoying to see Michael Cera play a similar role again. I like the role he plays and he should continue to play that role for as long as he can.

Prepare to Taste the Wrath of the Seven Evil Exes

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a comic-book action movie about a guy named Scott Pilgrim who has to fight seven evil exes, after he found the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers. He is a 22 year old guy who is dating a high schooler, Knives Chau. He is in a band named Sex-Bom-Omb, who have tried numerous times to get signed and finally got their chance. At their first gig, Scott runs into Ramona's first ex and does not know exactly what is going on, but defeats him anyways and takes his coins. Throughout the movie, Scott is attacked by Ramona's evil exes and defeats them one by one, until he meets Gideon who takes Ramona from him. After a long battle, Scott defeats Gideon. After seeing how good Knives and Scott look together, Ramona decides they are better off with each other. But Knives knows that Scott came all this way to be with Ramona, so in the end Scott gets the girl of his dreams and Ramona finally settles down with a guy she likes.

After watching "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World", I thought it was a pretty good movie. What kept me entertained the most were all the video-game like graphics portrayed throughout the movie. If this movie was stripped of all the video-game and comic-book graphics, it wouldn't be as good of a movie.

"You punched me in the boob! Prepare to die, obviously!"

"Scott Pilgrim Vs The World" is about Scott Pilgrim and his struggle to win over the mysterious girl of his dream - Ramona Flowers. Scott is in a punk rock band namely "Sex-Bob-omb" and is dating a high schooler Knives Chau. After meeting Ramona in his dreams, in the library and in a party, Scott totally falls head over heels for Ramona and loses his interest in Knives. They have a date and Ramona starts to develop a feeling for Scott. In a battle of the bands performance, Scott is attacked by one of Ramona's ex but he defeated the ex. After that Scott fights off other ex-boyfriends of Ramona until he meets Gideon who makes Ramona change her mind and leave Scott. Scott does not give up, he looks for Gideon and challenge him. After losing the battle, Scott is killed by Gideon. Scott uses his extra life to return and, with the help of Ramona, Knives and his self-esteem, defeats Gideon. When Ramona is about to leave Scott again to begin a new chapter of life, Scott is encouraged by Knives to chase after her, and they start their relationship all over again.

This is a pretty decent movie. Although it cannot be compared to Kickass, I enjoyed it just as much. The video-game-like visual and sound effects really bring the movie to a whole new level. Without the effects, Scott Pilgrim would not have been that fun to watch. Michael Cera, despite his always being the same dorky boy in his movies, is excellent in his acting. Nobody is more suitable than him in portraying a boy who the audience always supports even though he is a bit of an ass sometimes. The movie is overall entertaining not only to the video gamers but also to the general audience. It is thus not fair to the movie that some critics condemn the movie to be quite a failure.