Monday, November 22, 2010

I would of stuck with the Mother

The Graduate is a movie that tells a tale of a young man, Dustin Hoffman, who recently graduated and is confused about the next step in life. His parents extremely happy and very involved in his life try to guide the young man on the right path. Hoffman is seduced by an older married woman, who is also a friend of the family. As the two engage in a secretive love affair, Hoffman is encouraged by the husband of the married woman and his parents to ask the daughter of his secret lover out on a date. The lover forbids it but Hoffman is forced to do so by parents. After one night out they fall in love but Hoffman’s world comes crashing down when the secret love affair is no longer secret. His world turns upside down as he tries to win the young girls heart over and ends up stealing her away from the alter and running off with her. The movie ends with both on a bus off to face the world together.
This is a good movie. If we put aside the fact that every heterosexual boy at least once in his life wants an older woman experience, one can see how true this movie is to reality, for any and every generation. Hoffman portrayed the role beautifully. The uncertainty of life, the feeling and desire of quitting as being the best option, the idea that one’s life has been wasted while striving for excellence is everything I got out of Hoffman’s character and his facial expressions and actions. The kinds of movie where actors act out their feelings rather than say them are always the best ones, I feel. I usually hate endings to movies because they never do a movie justice; no one ever wants something captivating to end. But I have to give it to this movie; the ending brought the movie back to the beginning; to its original thesis statement. Both uncertain of each other, the step they have taken, and the steps they will need to take. Neither look at each other and the excitement of running off to this forbidden love is now overshadowed by the feeling of uncertainty.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?"

Twenty years old a fresh college graduate, Benjamin found himself worrying about his future. Those worries cease to exist after an affair springs up between himself and the wife of his father's business partner and long family friend. He no longer cares for his future as he spends his days lounging and his nights in a hotel with Mrs. Robinson. Rather than a simple love affair, Ben grows bored and accustomed to the emotionless nights with Mrs. Robinson. He began to yearn for more than just physical connection. After an argument with Mrs. Robinson, he promises that he'll never take her daughter, Elaine, out.
However, after being pressured by his father breaks that promise, enraging Mrs. Robinson. He falls for Elaine, further upsetting Mrs. Robinson, and is faced with a dilemma, to stop seeing Elaine or Mrs. Robinson would tell about their affair. He decided that telling Elaine himself would be the best course of action, understandably she was rather upset, and left back to college. But that wasn't the end for Ben, he followed Elaine to college and confesses his love for her. She would string him along, as she thought he had raped her mother. Mr. Robinson becomes aware of the affair between his wife and Ben, pays Ben a visit, then takes Elaine away to Santa Barbra, where she will marry another man. Ben chases them down, and right as the ceremony was to be sealed, he caught the attention of Elaine. They make a narrow escape and jump on a bus together, wedding dress and all.
This movie was absolutely amazing! At times the movie seemed rather dull, but I smiled the whole time and laughed. I was able to see Ben go from awkward and shy, to a stalker, and finally into a man. I enjoyed the music throughout the entire movie. Simon and Garfunkel really aren't my style, but when I was younger my mom would play it over and over. It was nice being able to recognize the songs, and sing along to it if I wanted. I was rather disappointed that the actual song, "Mrs. Robinson" wasn't played. I anticipated it through the entire film, and even tried predicting where they would play it. Other than that, I couldn't have enjoyed this film more. Also, I just love Dustin Hoffman, he is an amazing actor, and enjoy the films that he is in. To me, he is able to really get into character.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"We might just as well have been shaking hands. "

The Graduate is about a 21-year-old Benjamin who, upon coming back home from college and hesitating on going to graduate school, has an affair with the wife of his dad's business partner. Ben changes from a nervous young man to a more relaxed and calm person, drifting in the pool by days and seeing Mrs. Robinson, the woman he has an affair with, by night. After Elaine, the daughter of Mrs. Robinson comes back form college, Ben's parents and Mr. Robinson insist that Ben should take her out on a date while Mrs. Robinson makes Ben swear not to. In the end, Ben takes Elaine out but intentionally upset her. Seeing her crying, Ben regrets his deeds and treat Elaine nicely. At the end of their first date, they find themselves falling head over heels for each other. When Mrs. Robinson threatens Ben that she will let Elaine know about their affair, Ben rashly rushes and tells Elaine about the relationship before Mrs. Robinson can do anything. Elaine feels betrayed and leaves for college right away. After sometimes, Ben decides to go to Berkeley to confess with Elaine and marry her. He finds out that even though Elaine is seeing someone else and that she still hates him for what he did, she still has feelings for him. Mr. Robinson then finds out about the affair and forces Elaine out of college to marry the guy she is seeing. Ben struggles to find Elaine just before she gets married and crashes the wedding. Elaine escapes with Ben on a bus, leaving all the dramas and regrets behind.

Actually among all the movies that have been shown, this is one of the few that have a happy ending. That seemingly simplistic and cliche' detail is enough to put a smile on the faces of the audience and gain itself a hundred million dollars profits. I did not pay too much attention to the music of the movie since I was engrossed in how the story slowly unwrapped itself. I like the developments in personalities of Ben as the character changes from a shy boy to a calm man and finally a confident and resolute individual. Yet, something is missing in the part where it should be most detailed: The drama, suspense and emotion when Ben is dating Elaine without her acknowledgement of his affair. The director seems to have rushed this part of which I expected a little bit more. However, this is a movie that brings about good feelings (since it's about love conquering some obstacles) and satisfaction to the audience. I like it.

"We might just as well have been shaking hands."

The Graduate is the story of a love affair between fresh college graduate Benjamin Braddock and his dad's business partner's seductive wife, Mrs. Robinson. The affair ends after Ben realizes he begins to fall in love with their college daughter, Elaine. Ben has graduated college and now has a lot on his mind on to what he should do next. Mrs. Robinson is at his graduation party and asks him to drive her home. When at her home, Mrs. Robinson begins to seduce Ben and sleep with him. Ben refuses her that night, however calls her up later to accept her offer of "you can call me anytime Benjamin." This love affair continues for three months in the middle of the night in hotel rooms. Ben's parents continue to ask him what he is doing with his life and insist that he take out the Robinson's sweet daughter Elaine on a date. To avoid an awkward dinner with the Robinsons, Ben promises to take Elaine out. Mrs. Robinson is aware of this and tells Ben that he is no longer allowed to see Elaine anymore. Ben falls for Elaine, but that ends shortly because Mrs. Robinson tells Elaine that Ben raped her. Ben goes out to see Elaine at college and learns this and is shocked. Ben asks Elaine to marry him, but Elaine just can't seem to accept and runs off to marry someone else despite her strong feelings for Ben. Ben shows up at the wedding and Elaine and Ben run off together.

The Graduate is definitely one of the top movies we have watched so far, alongside to Casablanca. I liked the acting of Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock because he played the nervous boy role so well. It was clearly evident the awkwardness of a 40 something year old woman seducing a 21 year old boy. The story was just really good and interesting the whole time.


The graduate is a movie about a college student who went home for the summer and is confused about love. Ben is a college graduate who is thinking of going to med school and when he got home he meets his father’s business partner and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Mrs. Robinson then has an affair with Ben, but they keep it confidential for a while until her daughter went back home from college. Elaine and Ben fall in love but Mrs. Robinson is not ok with it and didn’t approve of them dating. Elaine then finds out about her mother’s affair with Ben and takes off back to college. Ben went after her because he loved her and wanted to b with her. She is willing to forgive him and forget about the affair and marry him, but the only problem was that her mother would never allow it. They take Elaine out of town and arrange a weeding for hr with a med student. Ben finds her at her own wedding and takes her with him leaving everyone behind.

I thought this was a good movie. This is a movie I enjoyed all the way. It was a really funny movie and it had me laughing a lot. But I do have to say that it’s kind of nasty sleeping with the mom and the daughter. I thought Dustin Hoffman did a really good job in the movie. He knew his character well and knew how to entertain the audience. I would defiantly watch this movie again or even buy it.

Cougar Town

The movie The Graduate is a movie about a young college graduate who comes home to relax for the summer before possibly going to med school. While at his party an old family friend, Mrs. Robinson, tries to seduce him but he holds strong. He later gives into his desires and does what some people would call "disguisting". Mrs. Robinsons daughter comes home for a while and while she is down he falls deeply in love with her, but once that happens she finds out what they did and everything falls apart.The Robinsons get a divorce, their parents partnership ends and her daughter now rejects him. He keeps persistant and wrecks her wedding pulling her out of the chappel and riding off into the sunset, on a bus.

I personally enjoyed this movie alot. At first I thot it was going to be another boring old story, all dramatic and what not. As the movie slowly developed you could see the main character develop from a nerdy college kid with no self confidence to this determined individual. The movie had quite a bit of humor and some you had to pay attention to to make sure you caught the joke.

The Robinson Love Triangle

The movie, The Graduate, is a complicated story of a young man confused about his future and the love triangle in his life. Ben is a recent college graduate returning home. He has an affair with his father’s business partner’s wife, Mrs. Robinson. Their affair is confidential, until Ms. Robinson’s daughter Elaine returns home from college. Ben realizes that he likes Elaine very much, but Ms. Robinson does not approve of it. Unfortunately, Elaine eventually finds out about her mother’s affair with the guy she likes. Elaine returns back to college, with Ben tailing right behind her wanting desperately to win her love. Elaine is willing to forgive Ben and possibly marry him, but Mr. Robinson disapproves. He drags her out of town in order to arrange a marriage between Elaine and a med student. Ben finds her, interrupts the wedding, and runs away with her leaving the angry wedding guest and Elaine’s angry parents behind.

I thought the movie was great and entertaining. The concept was so realistic; I would assume adultery and complicated love triangles occur on a daily basis. It sort of grossed me out, sleeping with a women and then wanting to be with her daughter. Dustin Hoffman portrayed an innocent and boyish character extremely well. I also think the movie made an impact in motion picture history because in the movie Wayne’s World II, the wedding scene was almost exactly the same. Overall, the film was classic.

" Well, I would say that I'm just drifting. Here in the pool."

It's summer and Ben has just graduated college, still unsure of what exactly his future entails in the movie, The Graduate. His parents are expecting him to decide what he'll do, but everyone except Ben is doing all the deciding so far. Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his fathers business partner, insists that Ben take her home after his homecoming party, which turns into Ben's seduction into a short affair between the two. After ending the secret affair, Ben is forced by his parents to take Mrs. Robinson's, daughter, Elaine out on a date and he unexpectedly falls in love with her before she knows about the affair between him and her mother. Finding out what happened, Elaine takes off back to college wanting nothing to do with Ben. Now that Ben knows what he wants in life he has to work for it, work for Elaine's love and trust. At the last minute, Ben finds out that Elaine's getting married and hunts down the wedding to romantically steal her away, literally.

I have to say that I really liked this movie. It was so hilarious, everybody was laughing and I love the experience of watching a movie with a lot of other people knowing they enjoy it too. Thats what I love about seeing movies. Dustin Hoffman was hilarious all throughout the movie from beginning to end. I loved when he was just floating in the pool drinking beer... lucky! I also got super hungry when they were eating those burgers and fries, ah! Totally amazing when he fought off the angry wedding people with the cross. It was like they were all bad vampires and Ben and Elaine were the heroes. Anyways... awesome good movie!

Coo coo ca choo Mrs Robinson

Benjamain Baddock is a fresh graduate from college. On the night of his party a friend of his parents, Mrs. Robinson throws herself at him. After thinking it over a bit Ben goes on and begins an affair with her. Some time passes and then he goes on a date with her daughter Elaine. That is when it all comes crashing down.
The affair is revealed to Elaine, and Mrs. Robinson tells Elaine that Ben raped her.
Ben watches from afar as Elaine goes back to Berkely then follows her there to try to marry her. He stalks her for a while, then finally talks to her about it. Se gives it a few days then says she will think about it. Before she can give him her answer Mr Robinson interviens and takes her away from Berkley to marry another man.
Ben finds where the wedding will be held and races there. He makes it to the church and stops it. Then Elaine and Ben run off together to what I understood to get married.

I liked it. I had seen parts of it before but never the whole thing. It was pretty slow in the beginning, but I guess it was pretty racey for it's time, I just didn't think he was just going to be laying around for so long. Those scenes were too long of him just laying in the pool and stuff. I was waiting for him to say coo coo ca choo, then he didn't say it it was in the song when he was chasing after Elaine. I was a little dissappointed in that because that is a saying that I thought they actually said in the movie. so many people "quote" that from this movie, but now I know it's from the song in the movie. I really didn't like the end that much because they went from being really happy to almost sadness in their facial expressions. That kind of made me think that they might not be happy with what they did or something. I could just be reading too much into it. Over all it was a very well shot and pretty good film.

A Very Big Graduation Present

In the movie, "The Graduate", Benjamin Braddock had just recently graduated from college and is now home with his parents. They throw him a party to congratulate him, but Ben wants to be away from it all because he is still uncertain about his future. After numerous escapes from his father's friends, he makes it back to his room to once again be found by Mrs. Robinson. She asks him for a ride home and tries to get into his mind and secretly seduce him. She offers that if Ben wants to go through with it to just give her a call. After thinking about it, Ben goes through with it and they secretly meet with each other for weeks to come. When Ben asked about her daughter, Elaine, Mrs. Robinson immediately tells Ben not to see her or there will be hell to pay. After being set-up with Elaine, Ben tries his best to push her away, but soon finds himself to be attracted to her. They have a talk and Elaine comes up with the idea that Ben is having an affair with someone, but she doesn't know it's with her own mother. After ignoring what Mrs. Robinson said, Ben wants to go out with Elaine again, but is again immediately threatened by Mrs. Robinson. With all the pressure being built up, Ben tells Elaine only to be dumped by her soon after. She then goes back to college and Mrs. Robinson comes up with the story that he raped her. Ben does not stop to win Elaine back because he is in love with her. After numerous tries, he goes all over town to find Elaine and soon discovers that she is getting married. After discovering where this is taking place, he finally finds her and stops the wedding and runs away with Elaine.

This was a great, humorous and exciting film. The part I liked the most was when they went to the hotel and Ben tried to act like he didn't know any of the people who were talking to him. Although the plot was predictable this was a great movie altogether, with good and goofy acting and a storyline that will keep you hooked the first time someone sits down to watch this film, two-thumbs up.