Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And Almost Everyone Dies

"No Country for Old Men," is a film about a man, Moss, who happens across a crime scene while he is hunting. As well as drugs and multiple dead bodies, he finds a brief case filled with cash; which he decides to take for himself and his wife. In doing so, he starts getting tracked by a murderer, Chigurh, who easily kills anyone in his way. The film has a way in making one feel as if Moss will keep the lead and live to the end of the movie, which is not the case. Unexpectedly Moss dies, as do most of the people in the movie. However, Chigurh lives and walks out of a car crash to end the movie.
Honestly I thought the movie was just okay. I may have this negative view on the movie because I was freezing throughout the film and found it hard to concentrate. With that in mind, there are a few things I can comment on other than the room temperature that made me not love the movie. First, I found it far fetched that Moss, being shot at throughout the entire movie, had so few bullet wounds. How could he run in front of a truck, which is shooting at him, and only get shot once? Second, I did not like the ending of the movie. I left with a feeling of "I don't even know what just happened." I didn't understand how the dreams tied in to the film, and what was to happen with the limping Chigurh-- if he was to continue his killing spree or not. Finally, third, I simply do not like a movie in which a majority of the people die.


  1. I've seen this movie a few times and everytime i watch it seems like the character Moss is far fetched. I totally agree with your last three statements.

  2. You make some great observations and fair points here, Hope.

    However, I think there are several ways you could interpret the dreams, and if you just think about them a bit, you can make meaning of them :-)