Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Badges we don't need no sticking badges"

The movie the treasure of the Sierra Madre is an old black and white film about a man who is just about flat broke. He is a beggar on the streets he meets another guy on a park bench who is also out of money they become close friends and go and work for a man who said who pay them for the job. Turns out after they finish the job they get ripped off. They then go spend a night in a homeless shelter and meet an old timer who talks about gold prospecting. then they see the man that ripped him off and beat him up in a small epic bar fight. They get there money back and decide lets see if the old man is right they decide to find him and go mining. they strike it rich and then one starts to get greedy they hide their gold to have another man follow them and what in on the gold they decide to kill him but he notices some bandits. They have him live only for him to get killed in a gun fight. They all finally decide to go home said they have made enough money and they start on there way. The old man goes with some Indians to help a sick boy the other two men get into a fight and one shoots the other and takes all the gold. he gets killed by the bandits and they think the gold is sand and dump it all out they lose it all the only man laughs and says "the gold went back to where it came from" they all laugh and they they go their separate ways.
Overall i think that the movie is a great film it has on the other hand a lot of interesting parts I enjoyed this movie and would watch it again it has a very good plot and has a discourse community between the three men they trust each other one minute the next they hate and try to kill one another. The ending is a huge twist to have all that gold fly away from them that sandstorm just came around at the perfect time didn't it?

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  1. Pretty good review of the movie. Just a couple of puncuation and grammar mistakes, but over all i enjoyed reading your review. I really enjoyed the movie as well.