Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"No Country for Old Men"

The film “No Country for Old Men” jumps right into the story. The first thing you see is the murderer killing someone with his infamous compressed air tank. If you pay close attention to this character, you will see the lack of remorse when he kills someone. This view into the character sets up the scene for what he will be like throughout the entire movie. Some might even compare his facial expression (or lack thereof) to that of Kristin Stewart. (Why didn’t someone get her to play that role?!) Jokes aside, the movie goes on to convey the plot. The plot begins when a poor Vietnam War veteran stumbles upon a mass of money, drugs, and dead men; never a good combination. He takes the money and finds himself in a big mess of trouble with the murderer who wants his money and is always looking for an excuse to kill somebody. The sequence of events lands the veteran in a hospital in Mexico and, towards the end of the movie, dead. In this film, unlike many others, the bad guy walks away, not unscathed, but nevertheless, alive.
This film certainly was interesting (especially recognizing all the small areas in Las Vegas and shouting, “Hey! I know where that’s at!” and finding small “mistakes” that other people won’t notice, such as the America-Mexico border. There isn’t any water there for those of you who don’t know; or a border for that matter…) I had seen the film before, but chose to watch it a second time to refresh my memory. What may be even more interesting is what it took to watch the movie! I didn’t attend the screening because I live out of town and I own the DVD. So, I chose to watch it at home and couldn’t find a DVD player to save my life. So, by the time I found a way to watch it (thank you, old computer that hadn’t been turned on in ages!), it was already significantly late and I have been forced to stay up doing homework. However, I did enjoy watching the film and all the hard work to watch it proved worth it.

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  1. This isn't a bad summary, Kelly.

    But what's with all the excuses in the end? I don't see what that has to do with your opinion of the film ;-)