Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catch him!

The 1948 movie The Bicycle Thief, is a story of a struggling man in Rome looking for work to feed his family.  While a job opportunity arises that requires him to have a bicycle to get around, he and his wife are forced to sell their sheets to buy a new bicycle.  On his first day of work, his bicycle is stolen.  Ricci chases after the thief, but loses sight of him.  When Ricci learns that the cops are not interesting in the theft of a silly bicycle, he, his son, and his friends set out to search for the bike.  Without any luck, they soon give up after a long search and he and his son proceed to head home.  While walking, Ricci spots the thief and chases him into his neighborhood while harassing him to return the bicycle.  Bruno, Ricci’s son grabs a police officer while the people of the neighborhood defend the thief and torment Ricci to leave.  The officer explains that without evidence, there is nothing for him to do.  Ricci and Bruno get on their way and take a stop on the curb across the street from the crowded football game.  While sitting there, Ricci contemplates stealing one of the many bicycles sitting outside of the stadium unattended, with no other option of keeping this job without one.  As he orders Bruno to take the trolly home and meet him there.  Bruno misses the trolly and sees his father speeding off on a stolen bicycle on the side street with a crowd of men chasing him.  The men catch Ricci and decide to let him go, seeing his despair.  In the end, the son and father walk off in tears, right back where they started.
Like always, I thought I was not going to like this movie since we had to read the subtitles the entire time, but it was actually pretty good.  It was a little slow, but it kept my attention, wondering what the outcome would be for the poor family.  I felt bad for the little boy Bruno mostly, poor little guy just wanted to help his dad!  Overall, I liked this film, but I doubt I would watch it a second time.

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