Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City Lights

The Charlie Chaplin film, "City Lights" is about a tramp living on the streets, who becomes mistaken for a wealthy man from the blind woman selling flowers.  Falling in love with the girl, he finds out about a procedure to restore the blind girl's eyesight and quickly decides to earn money for the surgery in any way possible.  Charlie eventually succeeds in finding enough money for the procedure after a many comedic setbacks.  Charlie ends up landing in jail when a mixup happened after he got the money from his drunk friend.  While Charlie spends time in jail, the girl gets her procedure and opens up her own flower shop, while waiting for her mysterious lover to come back for her.  The two later meet again when she recognizes his hands, and she becomes aware that he was actually a poor tramp rather than the wealthy man she thought he was.

Like everyone else, I too was pretty skeptical about watching this film since it was silent and in black and white.  I remember watching parts of this when I was younger with my dad, and actually thought it was a pretty good film!  It was funny, and kept my attention unlike I had expected.  Charlie Chaplin was a very good actor the way he could portray comedy, romance and sadness without even speaking.  Some of the humor may not really hold the same affect on our generation as it did for that time, although it was still entertaining.  I also liked the moral of the storyline of the film that is revealed at the ending.  This was a nice change of pace from the different films we watch today.

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  1. I agree with your opinion on the film completely! Charlie Chaplin certainly was a talented man to be able to create such an awesome movie (I have yet to see his others but intend to now) with just body language!