Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City Lights

In this movie Charlie plays a tramp trying to befriend a blind girl. The girl lives with her grandmother and she sells flowers. In the beginning, he saves a guy from killing himself and he claims they are best friends. The man he saves is very wealthy and Charlie is poor. The man gets drunk and Charlie does not want to. The butler does not like Charlie and tries to kick him out of the mansion several times but the drunk man insists that he stay. They go out on the town and get into several fights through out the night. They go back to his house and pass out. The blind girl gets sick and her grandmother must go out in the cold and sell flowers. They are also about to be kicked out of their apartment. Charlie finds this out so he tries to work for the money for them. He gets a job cleaning the streets but gets fired. He enters a boxing match but loses. He goes to his rich friend who gives him a thousand dollars. In a burglary attempt the rich man is hit on the head and has no recollection of knowing Charlie. Charlie is wrongfully put in jail, however he gives the girl the money for a operation to restore her sight and pay rent. When he gets out of jail, she can see him and looks greatful but disappointed at what she sees.

This was a good movie. I liked that it was more funny than I had first anticipated. The film is silent and black and white which takes some getting used to. Some parts of the movie were too repetitive, like when the rich man pours the alcohol in Charlie's pants. I did not think this movie was going to keep my attention but to my surprise it did. I did not like Charlie's moustache. Something about it bothered me and brought the movie down for me a little bit. His facial expressions were kind of odd but they did make sense as to what he was feeling. I think over all for being an old movie, it was pretty good.

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  1. I definitely agree with the repetitive parts of the movie being annoying! It did get to be a little too much for me also. But it did end up being a pretty good movie overall.