Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City Lights

City Lights was about a poor man called the tramp. Who falls in love with a blind girl who sells flowers. The tramp meets a drunk millionaire that is thinking about ending his life. The tramp talks him out of doing it and they become friends. The drunk millionaire and him spend time together getting into trouble, and having fun. Once the millionaire awakens and is no longer drunk. He doesn't remember anything about making a friend. The same thing happens for the next few nights, until the tramp tells the millionaire about the girl he likes, and that he needs money. The millionaire gives the tramp money but the tramp gets accused of stealing it. The tramp makes it to the girls house and gives her the money. So she can pay for her surgery and rent. The Tramp ends up going to jail. When he gets out he sees that the girl has her own flower shop. The girl realizes that the tramp was the man she has been waiting for.
I did like the movie City Lights because I thought it had a good story and it was funny. It didn't bother me that music played instead of actors talking.The classical music helped intensify the romance. I think it makes it better since its a black and white movie, it gave me a feel of an old film. I would watch this movie again, and defintely share it with friends.

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