Monday, September 12, 2011

Deffinitley A Silent Movie

City Lights is one of those movies you only watch because you have to. I didn't exactly like the moive. I think the moral of the movie was cute and thoughtful but I also wish that they talked. Watching a movie with just music playing kinda makes you want to take a nap and wake up when its over. I appreciate the moral but in my opinion trying to get me to understand it or like it isn't without words.

This movie stared Charlie Chaplin who was in love with doing silent movies. In the movie he plays a hobo who comes across a beautiful blind women. He meets her while buying flowers from her. At this moment Charlie gazes into her eyes and realizes thats the girl for him. After this first encounter he continues to come back around and make sure that she falls for him. While all of this is going on Charlie comes across a wealthy man who is about to commit suicide. Charlie changes this mans mind and the man tells him "You are my friend for life." There is one problem with this picture. The man is only friends with Charlie when he is drunk. Once the man is back to his sober self, he acts as if he doesnt know him. So the only time these two interact is when they are happy off of a little bubbly.

Charlie ask his friend for money to help out the blind women because he knows they need help. They need help with the operation for her eye sight and with the rent. Charlie does everything in his power to help and when he gets the money he then tells her "I have to go away for a while." She doesnt understand why but its because Charlie was accused of stealing that money and put in to jail for quite a while. When he gets out he goes looking for her and finds her. She doesnt know at first that Charlie is that guy. After a couple of minutes of star gazing into each others eyes, she says to him, "You?", and then she realizes thats her true love.

I enjoyed the moral but not the movie. I'm not a big fan of older movies like this. If its not talking or in color I doubt I'm going to watch it.

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  1. In the future, Riah, try beginning with the summary, not your opinion. Starting with your opinion can make your summary seem bias and therefore not credible. So can texting during the whole movie ;-)