Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dirty Thief!!!

Ever been so desperate to get something that was stolen from you that you try to steal another persons belonings? In the film "The Bicycle Thief" that is in every way a reality for the main character Antonio.
The story begins with Antonio being given a job to hang posters. There is a catch however, he needs a bicycle. His bike was broken and they didnt have any money to get it out of the repair shop. His wife sells thir bed sheets and gets seven thousand five hundred lira. With that money he gets his bike and starts his new job the next morning. While he is working putting up a poster his bike is stolen from him. He gives chase but soon realizes it is hopeless. That night he goes to a friend to ask for his help in finding the stolen bike. Antonio is at the market all day with his friends and son, no luck finding the bike. Antonio later leaves to search another market for his bike. It is raining and he and his son find cover under a building. After it dies down he spots a familiar man and a familiar bike. The thief meets an old man and gives him money. Again Antonio gives chase but is outmatched. He and his son search for the old man and follow him into a homeless shelter. Antonio follows him into mass and tries to convince the man to help him find his bike. The old man is reluctant until the police are brought up in the conversation. Antonio his son and the old man leave the mass but Antonio is stopped and loses the old man. Antonio feels like he has lost, he is depressed and irritated. To ease this tension he takes his son to eat, and there they forget their troubles for a time. At dinner Antonio gets the idea to see a fortune teller. She tells him if he doesnt find the bike today he will never see it again. Leaving the womans home he sees a familiar face, one who he believes is the thief. he gives chase and catches him demands his bike to be returned. The people in the neighborhood become involved and corner Antonio. Thankfully Bruno, his son, found a policeman. With the policeman Antoino searches the house and finds nothing. He and Bruno leave beaten again. They are outside a stadium, Antonio plans to steal a bike. He sends Bruno on a street car while he goes to steal the bike, Bruno disobeys and watches his father. Antonio is caught and chased down by several men. After being caught the owner of the bike seeing a crying Bruno decides to not press charges. Antonio and Bruno begin to walk home. without a bike and without a job.
The film The Bicycle Thief was one I did not like to much. I felt the acting was poor, along with the subtitles. I have no problem reading during a movie it was that i didnt know if others conversations were relivant to the plot or not. The story was some what played out, almost predictable. I believe he did what he could to find his bike but it just didnt do it for me. Also i thought the film was not well done. I did not like the film nor do i think i really respect it as a film.

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  1. Dang Tommy, I see not liking the film, but not respecting it? Without this film, there would be not "Pursuit of Happiness".