Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Drug Deals In Texas.. Wait Thats Not Texas Its New Mexico.

No Country For Old Men takes place in Texas on the US-Mexico Border and is about a drug deal gone wrong. Llewelyn Moss the main character is in the desert just hunting one day and he finds a bunch of trucks and goes down to see what has happened because there is a lot of dead bodies just all over the floor. He goes down to find that everyone is killed including the dogs. In one of the trucks he finds one man still alive and the man just keeps saying "agua, agua, agua" and Llewelyn just tells him "I have no water". In the back of that truck he finds a bunch of packages. Obviously all of the drugs they were delivering. Llewelyn takes all the guns he finds at the scene and keeps going. He comes to find another guy dead under a tree. This guy had a suitcase sitting by him on the floor. In that suitcase he found all the money to buy the drugs. Llewelyn went home only to return to the scene and try to take that guy some water. Somebody ends up finding and begins shooting. He flees the scene and goes home to tell his wife that they have to leave. He sends his wife to Odessa and gives her some money. He leaves with the suitcase and is trying to get away from a  very dangerous man - Anton Chigurh. Just to stay alive he has to keep going from hotel to hotel. Only to find later that in the suitcase there is a device that helps Anton find him wherever he is. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell is trying to help Llewelyn and can't get a hold of him to check where he is. The sheriff gets in contact with the wife and she doesn't seem to anything either. After an encounter that has left both Llewelyn and Anton injured. Llewelyn recovers in a mexican hospital and Anton patches himself up in a hotel room. Llewelyn later gets a visit from an ex-hitman named Carson Wells. He tells him that he is willing to help Llewelyn because he knows about Anton. When Llewelyn leave the hospital he gives Carson a call and Anton answers and says if Llewelyn doesn't hand over the suitcase that he his going to kill his wife. Llewelyn calls Jean his wife and tells her to meet him in El Paso at a hotel. Jean contacts the sheriff to let him know where Llewelyn is. The sheriff gets to the hotel only to find Llewelyn murdered by a gang of mexicans that were after the money too. Anton arrives at the motel later to go retrieve the suitcase and return it to the owner. Later he goes and visits Jean and kills her due to a coin flip that determined her fate. Soon after he his hit by a car and limps away from the crash. Sheriff Bell retires and the movie ends with him describing two dreams he had both about his father.

I wasn't too interested in the movie. I didn't really understand why Anton killed everyone that he encountered. I don't get what his motive was to just kill all of those people. It was interesting to see that there was a locator in the suitcase so Anton knew Llewelyn was all the time. I was suprised to see it was all in New Mexico but it was set in Texas pretty much through the whole movie.

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  1. Wow. That's not so much a summary as a rewrite of the film ;-)

    But what possible reason could anyone have for killing everyone they meet other than that they're crazy? I thought that was pretty clear ;-)