Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'Dude where's my bike"

The movie the Bicycle Thief is about a man named Antonio Ricci who has a family but doesn't have a job then he is sitting outside of a building and someone gives him a job. He says he needs a bicycle Antonio's bike is broken so he tells his wife and she sells the sheets off their beds. They g0et 7500 for the and he buys back his bike he then gets a job posting up posters. His first day while posting up posters a teen steals his bicycle. He goes on this epic mission to get his bike to find the teen who stole the bike to find out he doesn't have it. He decides to give up tells his son Bruno to get on the bus and go home then he sees a bunch of people chasing his dad who is riding a bike. They catch Antonio but the guy decides not to tell the cops then the movie just ends with Bruno and Antonio walking away.

This movie was interesting i have always like the old school choreography with the black and white film the movie was very straight forward but it was a little confusing. I wanted to see a happy ending i noticed also that the cops didn't want to help out Antonio at all they kinda just ignored him. I never even explained to see if Antonio lost his job somehow got a new bike it kinda just ended with their lives going to worse.

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