Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Give Me Back My Bicycle!

The Bicycle Thief, was to say the least, an interesting, albeit depressing movie. It showed the struggles of a middle class family in Rome whom are struggling to get jobs and keep their heads above water. Antonio Bicci gets a job putting up posters. A bicycle is required for the job, and Bicci and his wife,Maria, sell the sheets off their bed to get one. On his first day of work, Bicci is putting up a poster in the Florida, when his bicycle gets stolen. Bicci then spends the next day looking for his bicycle in the local markets with the help of his friend,who's name escapes me at the moment. They do not find the bicycle, however when they get to the second market, they spy the thief and an old man who appears to be an accomplice of some sort. Antonio follows the man, demanding him to tell him where the thief can be found. The man shrugs him off, and Antoine follows him to a church where he finally gets the information he wants(after disturbing the mass). He tries to get the old man to go with him, but the latter slips away. So, Antonio and his son leave the church, and Antonio goes to a lady that, earlier in the movie he scolded his wife for believing that she could see the future. The lady tells him that he has to find his bicycle that very morning or he would never find it again. I'm not going to repeat the rest of the plot, but let's just say that at the ending he attempts to steal a bicycle after being unable to recover his own. Now for my opinion. The movie was a little confusing and hard to follow at first. Being a Japanese anime freak I am used to reading subtitles, but a lot of the conversation didn't show up on screen. The story itself was good, and although it was overall depressing, I have to say I did like this movie.

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