Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good thing it was in the title...

The Bicycle Thief is about a poor man named Antonio Ricci, who is offered a job if he has a bike. Antonio and his wife go through great lengths of pawning their sheets so that he could have a bike and accept the job that he desperately needs. Unfortunately on his first day putting up posters, his bike is stolen. He is devastated. For hours he walks around looking for the bike with his son Bruno. After a very unusual day (fancy meal and fortune teller) the two head home. On the way, they run into the boy who stole his bike and chase him demanding it back. They chase him all the way to his village and have a police man help inspect the boy’s home for the bike. They come up empty handed. On the way home Antonio gives his son money to get a ride home. His son misses the first trolley and gets to watch the full show of his father trying to steal a bike and getting caught. The owner saw how sad the boy was and decided to not press charges on Antonio. The movie ends with the father and son walking off disappointed that they’re without a bike hand in hand and back to the unemployed situation they were in at the beginning.
I was very unsure about how I would like a movie not only in black and white but also in a different language. Of course I usually like movies that end happily ever after but surprisingly I enjoyed this film. Honestly, if the title hadn’t had given away that his bike would be stolen I might have needed a few tissues for my tears. I thought it was just so sad that after all the excitement about the job, his son even cleaning the bike before work, it was all just ripped away from them.
Also, I found Bruno to be a very difficult. In some parts of the movie I thought he was such a brat! Like when he fell and yelled at his dad afterward. Then other times I felt so much empathy for him, like when he cried at the end for his dad. Overall it was a good movie, I enjoyed it more than the previous movies we have watched for class.

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