Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Hobo with Infinite Shells

Last night I had watched the movie "Hobo with a Shotgun" out of sheer curiosity of the name. Though completely brutal and gruesome, I thought the movie was genius. The film starts with a homeless man (Rutger Hauer) who goes unnamed throughout the whole movie, riding a cargo train to a wasteland of a city that humanity forgot. The first thing he witnesses is the local cocaine drug lord brutally beheading a man (who is Ricky from the hysterical series "Trailer Park Boys") in the middle of the street by attaching a sewer cover apparatus around his neck, dangling him in the sewer, and tieing a noose of barbwire around his neck. The noose is attached to the bumper of a truck, you probably knows what comes next.
The Hobo meanders the streets and witnesses many deplorable acts that go unattended like prostitution and murder. He ends up stumbling by this nightclub where these punk-rock looking youth randomly torture and kill people in ridiculous ways. The leader of this club is a Shia Labeouf looking greaser nicknamed Slick, who makes his appearance by having one of his cronies break a kids arm on an arcade game and then shoving his face in a pile of cocaine while telling him "You'll never feel pain again!" Slick then forcefully pursues the kids supposed girlfriend who happens to be a prostitute named Abby, who turns out to be a secret hero in the end.

The movie continues and the Hobo is questioned by the police department (because he makes an attempt to save Abby) and you learn very quickly that the police officers are just as corrupt as the drug dealers. The Hobo continues the next day and ends up witnessing an attempted robbery. The culprits threaten to chop a woman's head off and shoot her baby if they don't get their money. The Hobo has had enough, so he grabs a shotgun from the Pawn Shop shelf and gets busy.

After this is it is just an appeasing 15 minutes of shotgun shell Justice. Bum fight filmmakers, pimps, and even a child predator Santa Claus are mowed down in the path of the Hobo. What still baffles me is the fact that he never runs out pf shells.

He is then pursued by the rest of the town when the coke dealers set a school buss of children on fire (both best and worst line of the movie "Do you like Lollipops?! And School?! And Recess?!" The kids respond "Yeah!" "And Hobos?" asks Slick. "YEAH!" yell the kids. "I HATE HOBOS" screams Slick) and they threaten to kill the rest of their children if the Hobo isn't captured. Two random mechanized assassins are sent to obliterate the Hobo and kill all in their way in order to find him. The hobo is then captured and all hope looks lost.

Abby comes to the rescue with a sawn-off shotgun and a lawn mower shield (personal favorite weapon) and helps rescue the Hobo from a sewer decapitation. I won't blow the ending, but allot of people die.

This movie made me reminiscent of movies like Dead Alive because of it's blood soaked humor, but it also incorporated vulgarity in such a way that the movie feels primal in a sense. I personally loved the over-the-top bloodshed because it was meant to be somewhat funny, but I do have to admit, some scenes had me cringing and squinting. Especially when Slick is trying to murder Abby by hacksawing her neck or when she looses her fingers and then her arm to her lawn mower shield. If your in for a repulsive roller coaster of blood and guts, and awesome 80"s sounding music, watch this movie immediately.

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