Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If Only Everyone Was Honest...

Antonio Ricci is finally lucky enough to get a job. However, his luck is soon over because he find that he is missing the one item he needs to acquire this job-a bicycle. Antonio goes to his wife, Maria and informs her of this news. The two sell sheets and make enough to buy a bicycle and still have some money left over. After buying his bicycle, Antonio begins his job. While he is working, a man comes up to Antonio’s bicycle and steals it. Antonio chases the man but doesn’t catch him. That night, Antonio tries to avoid his wife, but she hears of the news anyway. The next day, Antonio, his friends, and his young son, Bruno, go in search of the bicycle. They search high and low until just Antonio and Bruno are left. At one point, they see the man who stole the bike talking to an old man. Antonio goes to the old man and tries to get him to take him to the thief. The man, however, runs away. After a long day and still no luck, Antonio and Bruno finally stumble upon the thief yet again. This time Antonio catches him and tells him to return his bike. The entire village turns on Antonio and Bruno goes for a police officer. When the police officer arrives, they search the man’s home and find nothing. The police man tells Antonio that he’d be able to do more if he had evidence.

Down on his luck, Antonio tells Bruno to take the trolley back home and he’d meet him there. As Bruno is about to get on, he sees his dad riding a bike with a large crowd chasing him. Bruno immediately runs after his father, who has now been caught by the crowd and is being pushed around and being called a scoundrel and a thief. The owner of the bike decides to let Antonio go without informing the police. Antonio and Bruno then begin walking back home without a hope and knowing that they won’t be able to afford living. They are back where they started.

I enjoyed this film quite a bit. It’s awful to think just how one stroke of bad luck can send the teensiest glimmer of hope crashing down. Antonio was just trying to lead an honest life. All he wanted was to work to feed his family, but because someone felt the need to steal from him, he and his family must continue scraping by. At first when I realized it was necessary for me to read subtitles I was kind of bummed. However, I tried being optimistic and thinking, “If anything, it’ll keep me focused on the movie.” Little did I know that the movie would hold my attention so well. I’m beginning to see a pattern in all these films we’ve been watching. Before I begin the film I am somewhat closed-minded, but once I start watching them I’m hooked!


  1. I notice the same thing about these movies too! I'm always skeptical at first because they are black and white or silent, but they do turn out good. Guess we just need to open our minds a little!

  2. Definitely! I'm starting to come around.