Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kill you and your little brother...

Half of a summary is in the title of the Bicycle Thief. Everyone’s out of a job and Antonio Ricci needs a bike for his new found job putting up posters around town. He had one, but had to pawn it off to feed his family. So to get his bike out of hawk, his wife sells the house linens to the same pawn shop that has the bike. Antonio puts up half a poster on his first day of work then gets his bike kiped by some jerk walking by. After not being able to catch the thief he swears vendetta. Accompanied by his ever loyal son, Bruno, they venture through the streets so vigorously it’s like a pack of stray dogs looking for half eaten crusts to pepperoni pizzas in the trash but none of the restaurants serve pizza. Antonio gets desperate and points the finger at an epileptic kid with an afro and gets kicked out of that neighborhood. Goes across town, steals somebody else’s bike and gets kicked out that neighborhood too. They make Antonio and Bruno kick rocks, one cause they didn’t want them in their part of town and two because they didn’t have a bike to ride. I loved how the subtitles left all of the crowd’s chatter out of the dialogue. I think it really added to the feeling of not having any characters other than the Ricci family. That bike fair was also soooo legit, I wish that many people rode bikes here. The way his wife rode on the frame was way too classy.

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